Back in the saddle again!

We haven’t been able to make many travel videos here this year at as the CVC Westy has been sick since last year. With loads of parts that simply got worn out inc the gear box due to the amount of miles put on it and abuse given through Europe and North Africa over the past few years lots needed fixing. It has given us some extra much needed time to sort out our product development and product range as well as tinker with the web site.
Last night an email was received from gear box guru Aiden Talbot with a heads up to let us know the new gear box was being built over this weekend so that is expected to arrive during next week so we can fit it back. Once this is done CVC is back in video making mode once again.

Sorry for the delay with fresh new videos. With a vehicle down and some positive much needed changes here this year, CVC will be back doing the camper van travel videos that we love to make and share so much real soon.


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