Get your Gowesty orders in now!

We are having real trouble keeping hold of Syncro lift springs and Fox suspension in stock from Gowesty Camper Products here at CVC HQ. We got a stack of it on the last pallet and it lasted about 3 days before it all got sold and went out of stock again! We are about to get another pallet shipment order in with Gowesty this weekend so if any of you followers want anything on pre order please get in touch through the contact form on the CVC web site. We will get right back to you and add your order to the pallet on reserve so we can connect you with your Gowesty swag.

CVC are away making another video series this summer so will be closed for August and will not be getting any more pallet orders in from anyone state side until we return in September. If you want anything this summer, this is your last chance to jump on board before it all gets snapped up again.



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