Volksworld 2015 visited by CampervanCulture.com

This is our local VW show that also happens to be the first show of the year. I headed down to the event with Dan who drives an epic 2wd Westy with a set of our Gowesty 2wd lift springs. You might recognise Dan’s van from when we fitted a roof canvas to it last year. We hooked up with Dans hung over mate Matt and had a good walk around before hitting the bar!

A big thanks to everyone who came over to say Hi, it was good to chat. I don’t I will ever get used to being approached by strangers who are just so enthusiastic about what we do at CVC and are so kind about what they say. You guys are great and I have to admit CVC would be nothing without you all.

Thank you.

Volksworld 2015 from CampervanCulture.com from CampervanCulture.com on Vimeo.

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