Fitting a VW T25/T3/Vanagon Westfalia pop top roof canvas.

There are a lot of roof canvas options out there all around the world, they all have various pros and cons, some fit some don’t. We are always on the look out for quality products to add to our own web shop so you guys can buy with confidence.

We put the GoWesty roof canvas to the test and in our personal opinion it is one of the best fitting roof canvases we have fitted so far. The fitting instructions say to remove the roof but this is not always an option if you are used to working alone so we made this video to show how to fit a canvas with the roof in place. We contacted Gowesty yesterday and got them to add some roof canvases to our regular pallet we get sent over so they will be on their way to us today and will with us in the next 12 days depending on what mood the customs lady we deal with is in this end.

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GoWesty roof canvas from on Vimeo.

1 thought on “Fitting a VW T25/T3/Vanagon Westfalia pop top roof canvas.

  1. photogdave

    I just installed the same canvas a couple of months ago. Did it with the roof on as well, and almost finished it on my own but got stuck and had a mate bail me out.
    Good job noticing the screw lengths. The front bottom screws are really hard to get in and a little bit more bite will be helpful.
    One think I’ve never seen mention of in any videos or instructions is the factory caulking between the body and the bottom rails. When I took my rails off some of it came up with them and some of it stuck to the body. I didn’t realize what it was for so just removed it all, only to learn later that the caulking fills gaps between the body and rails that lets in water and light.
    I caulked the gaps afterwards but it’s not as clean looking as if it had been done during installation.
    So far I love the tent!

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