Morocco Overland Episode 5 – Sahara

Back when we came up with the idea to make a set of adventure travel videos of a trip through Morocco and the Sahara our minds would often wander while trip planning about sand dunes and the feeling of true wilderness. In part 5 we sure got lots of it and loved every single moment of this section. We were a long way from the nearest town or even road, we had to get our water from wells and carry enough fuel for 600km as well as food and other supplies.

You will find that part 5 is longer than previous videos we have made. We have done this longer video so you guys can get to follow us along and get to know us and what we are really like. You get to see the equipment we use on trips and how we use it, everything from our cooking equipment to our recovery equipment and of course out trusty Trasharoo. We took the chance to tag an abandoned Land Rover out in the desert with some of the stickers that the companies that have shown us support gave us. So grab a seat, get comfortable and enjoy part 5.

Part 6 to follow very soon…

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Morocco Overland Episode 5 – Sahara from on Vimeo.

7 thoughts on “Morocco Overland Episode 5 – Sahara

  1. Mike

    Ooh, fantastic. All of your vids have been wonderful. Can’t wait to watch this one, although at this length, I’ll have to do it at home instead of sneaking it in while at the office.

    Cheers from California, USA

      1. Mike

        I forgot to mention the best reason for watching these at home (typically my second viewing):

        Daughter, Age 5, likes “the van show” and “the van music”. πŸ˜€

  2. ChasandV

    Oh my goodness. We kept checking back to see if it was here and it was worth the wait. This was absolutely amazing and this is your best video yet. We loved every minute of it and loved the choice of music too. Brilliant editing. Thank you for making it long. Jed, I remember you saying, “There’s no where I’d rather be than right here.” I so very much want to get a diesel 4×4 synchros now and join you. They are so hard to find in the states and if they exist they are out of my price range. I saw one for sale in Berlin, a Joker, too but I don’t know if it was diesel, advert didn’t say. What do some of the more remote villages look like? The markets. Were you able to capture the stars or eat with the locals? We were absolutely glued to this.

    Thank you.
    Charles and V

  3. timaldiss

    Brilliant trip, really well documented. So nice to be with you from the comfort of the couch! I particularly enjoyed the towing tips. Have fun you guys. Well jel

  4. Furgohusky

    Hello, I love your video, thanks for sharing.
    I wonder if you have no problems with the engine temperature, as these vans tend to go hot.

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Furgohusky

      We have electronic 1.9 TDI engines so over heating was never much of a problem. Mine did get a little hot once after a massive climb of a couple of hours going into the High Atlas but this was because my water cap was faulty. Actually you just reminded me to buy a replacement one. Thanks for the reminder,


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