Morocco Overland in a T3/T25/Vanagon Syncro. (Part 2, entry to Africa)

We finally made it to Africa.

First stop was the amazing town of Chefchaouen. We were blown away with just how amazing this place was and how cool the people the people were that we met there. It was our first stay at a campsite so far and we stayed at the only campsite just up the hill from Chefchaouen town. It’s a pretty basic campsite by European standards with cracked sinks and dodgy looking plumbing but they do have hot showers and that makes it a good campsite by Moroccan standards. There is free camping to be had across the road at the football field next to the hotel, it looked like a popular spot for fellow overlanders.

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Having acclimatised in Chefchaouen we ventured south and onto Fez. The drive was a learning experience and we soon realised that the donkey was still a main means of travel for lots of Moroccans and road miles took double the time by European standards. You have to adapt your driving style a fair bit because if you drive correctly you would probably cause an accident.
We opted to stay at while in Fez, it was a really nice campsite that has just had a whole load of money spent on it and has good wifi. We opted to take a guide from Diamante Vert and we had a great day wandering around the city. This is the first time any of us had ever employed someone to show us around a place and it has to be said it was really worth while. We got taken through tiny doorways and into court yards that we would have definitely missed had we ventured out solo.

With Chefchaouen and Fez done and dusted it was time to head out into the wilds and off road but you will have to wait for part three so stay tuned and keep following.

Morocco Overland – Entry to Africa from on Vimeo.

8 thoughts on “Morocco Overland in a T3/T25/Vanagon Syncro. (Part 2, entry to Africa)

  1. Miles

    Very enjoyable. And very familiar! We visited both towns in Feb 2010. I remember in the rain watching a dealer in Chefchouen kicking off his shoe and pulling a lump of dope out from between his toes and I was surprised at how secretive he was. Both your campsites look better than I remember them. Thanx for putting up the names of the music. I’d been going to ask you what the track was that turned out to be Lebanese Gold, so now I’ve bought it. Again.To replace a long lost copy.

  2. Peter

    As usual, a good movie with great music and now even more professional with the text at the end. One wonders what this will end, perhaps at a film festival. Nice environments and fun clothes for guys like Star War.


  3. Chabi

    Great videos, awesome adventure, from Spain we are waiting for the next part, we need the third video, it’ like a heavy drug JaJajajAjajaja

    Next year we hope do a Sahara Trip too, 5 syncro’s or more.

    Muchas gracias por vuestros trabajos y videos de la familia syncro española.

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