Morocco Overland in a T3/T25/Vanagon Syncro. (Part 1 UK and Spain)

Well here we go.

This is the first video in a series of videos we will be making of our recent trip from the UK to The Sahara Desert. We set off Friday 13th of December 2013 (Yeah I know but we are not superstitious! (yet)) after a busy year at looking for adventure. We were invited by subscriber Dave (AKA Orcecaveman or Dave L Orcecaveman) to call in on him in the south of Spain on the way down to North Africa. Dave told us he lived in a cave house in a place called Orce and he owned a VW Syncro like us and was keen to meet us. Orce was a couple of hours off route and after Alan and Jed spoke for a while about who would actually choose to live in a cave it has to be said we did have our reservations. I can’t remember who said it but one of us said, “When will we actually get an offer like this again?” so we agreed to go, after all we were looking for adventure right!

So we set off to Poole and got the LD Lines ferry to Santander on what turned out to be a vomit comet. It was 28 hours of the roughest seas any of the crew had ever sailed in with plates being smashed and what ever wasn’t screwed or stuck down developing a mind of its own and moving around the ship like it was possessed. To be fair to the LD lines staff and the actual ship they were both very nice with really clean cabins and at £267 each way it is a total bargain, its just the ship is too small for the rough as hell Bay Of Biscay in January. Saying that a few weeks later we met an English couple who were on the Brittany Ferries super dooper cruise liner style ferry with stabilizers that left 4 days after us and they got dropped off in Brest, France and left to make their own way down to Spain as the big ferry thought it was too dangerous after hitting “The Horn Of France”. Anyway… with that little mission out of the way we hit sunny Spain and after an amazing over night wild camp near Madrid we found the crazy guy who lives in a cave.

We would like to dedicate this first video to Dave and Carole, two of the most genuinely nice people you could ever meet. It’s refreshing to meet people this cool and after spending some time with them you know they deserve the amazing life style they chose because they are just so bloody nice… We left Orce with three new good friends, Dave Carol & Chuck (the dog). We are now the sort of people who would want to live in a cave house, they are amazing.

Hopefully this should get your foot tapping…

Morocco part 1 from on Vimeo.

13 thoughts on “Morocco Overland in a T3/T25/Vanagon Syncro. (Part 1 UK and Spain)

  1. Olaf

    Hi – thank you guys for another great video! Looks like you had a great time. Can’t wait for the next part.


    Btw it looks like your brand new and expensive solar panels are partly shaded by your roof rack – this would have a surprisingly large effect on output. The shaded cells will not only be producing less power, but as the cells within a panel are normally wired in series, the shaded cells reduce the current flow of the whole panel. Even one (of typically 36) fully shaded cell could reduce the panel’s output to less than 50%. Your panels are most probably equipped with bypass diodes – which would only reduce but not fully eliminate this effect.

  2. John

    Hi Jed
    We met on the dockside at Poole (the old bloke in the compact A class Rapido)
    That was some ferry crossing wan’t it. I was OK my my other half spent the entire crossing in bed unable to keep anything down. We came back about a week ago Calais / Dover
    like you we met someone who had been on the sailing a few days later that ended up in Brest. Their experience sounded horrendous.
    Not viewed your videos yet. I live out in the sticks with a very very slow internet connection. Will have a look next week at my daughters in Glasgow .
    Blue Skies


      Hi John,

      This is Alan, we were with Jed at the port in Poole…..indeed it really was some ferry crossing wasn’t it! Harriet and I got back to the UK about 4 days ago via Dunkirk, we also made the decision we would rather drive!

      Hope you had a great time while you were away, glad you’ve found us on the internet. Enjoy the movies.


      Al & Harriet

  3. mike@pam

    Hi jed again.just watched ya morroco part 1 and all I can say is we love them..we will have our vw camper within 3 months then were off…dont know were lol just going were life takes us as we want out off the rat race for a year so were doing it while we can both move under our own steam were both mid 40s..kerp the videos coming so we can follow were ever we are..cheers matey..mike@pam

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Guys

      Very jealous of your trip, we always set off like you guys with no fixed plans. You guys should head over to North Africa, its really cheap for a longer stay. We were doing under £300 a week inc fuel once we arrived.

      Keep your eye out for us on the road.

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