Wiltshire weekender vehicle shake down.

Having had a really busy few months at CampervanCulture.com setting up the web shop selling our cool clothing range and all the other stuff that followed, and trading at The Adventure Overland Show the time has now come to get the vehicles ready for our planned North Africa trip starting in December.

We met up with some fellow Syncro owners from Club 80-90 at a camp site on Salisbury Plain to put the vehicles through their paces to flag up any problems as well as try out some new camping gear we bought for the trip.

As usual feel free to leave any comments and we will do our best to answer any questions you guys have.

Wiltshire Weekend in a T3 Syncro, Vanagon, Westfalia. from CampervanCulture.com on Vimeo.

18 thoughts on “Wiltshire weekender vehicle shake down.

  1. Mike

    Another excellent and inspired video . Thanks Jed and co Looked like a wet weekend though. I have finally got my Syncro up together and we are planning to get away this winter in it at last
    Keep up the good work

      1. ollie

        Hey Alan its me ollie from Newquay hows you doing laddy i got my self a T25 in the end ,Been using it all summer for camping trips we love it.Be good to catch up if your ever down this way.

  2. dennis


    I’ve always admired your roof rack system. Any chance you could give me a quick video tour or component description with some install instructions, so I might replicate on my 91 camper? Hope so-looks pretty comprehensive and cool and flexible.


    Cape Cod, MA, USA

  3. Marcus

    Great film as always…. do you all have CB Radios? I am looking for an excuse to get one – on our trip to france we had Walkie Talkies which were a real bonus but having a 70’s bus am gagging for CB. Keep the films coming they give us loads of ideas.

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Miles.

      The roads we drive are public high way (open to all traffic). They are called byways and are on all OS maps and marked with a green dotted line with a cross every other dot. They are pretty much ancient roads or cattle routes that never got sealed, most highway in the UK would have looked like these before the world became over run with the cars and vans we all drive. Salisbury has absolutely loads of them and like any public highway the councils are responsible for keeping them safe and clear for traffic. Lots of times they become blocked with a fallen tree, washed out by rain and flooded etc.

      Irresponsible 4×4 drivers drive off the the byways around obstacles creating a secondary illegal track. Responsible 4×4 users help out with Green Lane Management and this involves pruning of fallen or over grown trees and bushes, recognizing when a lane is about to become washed out in heavy rain and digging to divert the fast flood water away from the road, picking up all rubbish left by walkers and especially dog walkers that pick dog shit up in front of other people then throw the bags when nobody is looking! and of course any other general rubbish or bits of plastic found laying around. We use something called a Trasharoo, https://campervanculture.com/shop/trasharoo-multifunction-external-rubbish-or-gear-bag/ to carry our own rubbish as well as other peoples.

      Just for your peace of mind pruning a tree or plant doesn’t harm it, in fact it can do the opposite and encourage new growth.

      The army tracks are all over the plain and the area is a huge army training zone that is quite interesting seeing all the blown up tanks and stuff. The software we use is Memory Map and is basically a GPS driven OS map that you can overlay a pre set route if you wanted or to log a route you have driven. You can also save points for lets say, if you see a nice wild camping spot you might want to try out another time. You can also share the overlays with other people and vice verser.

      I hope this helps with the understanding on what we do and what we are about. If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.


  4. Campbell

    Absolutely love watching your video diarys,looks like great fun.have a bongo 4×4 myself which I love to bits.i enjoy our club meets but wish we had something going on like you have.pick up a lot of tips from you guys.enjoyed the last installment and look forward to following your adventures in Morocco .wishing you all a safe and fun filled trip.enjoy
    Best wishes Campbell and aileen and of course billy the bongo.

  5. Tom Mc

    Hi Jed ‘n’ all,

    Nice bit of ‘laning there. Any red flags flying the days you were there? You may want to explain that one to the readers who don’t know what I’m on about!

    Also, sorry I never had a chance to come around and see you chaps over the weekend at ADVENTURE OVERLAND. Have to say the event was even bigger than even I expected, so getting around to see everyone was always going to an impossibility … yet everyone expects it; can’t win. Fact is I was either in ‘headless chicken’ mode during the day, or skipping between the event office and the bar in the evenings. It’s a dirty job but somebody has to do it!!!

    Anyway, great video (again) speak soon.

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