Gearbox & Front Diff Check Up With Aidan Talbot

MASSIVE THANKS have to go out to Aidan Talbot

I’ve just been up with Aidan recently and we pulled out both my front diff and gearbox and gave them both a good going over. I had a massive gearbox failure last year and had to buy a replacement box from our friend Jason in Denmark (thanks again Jase). I needed my van back on the road as quick as possible at that point so Aidan just gave it a good assessment and it was found to have Pinion bearing wear.
So this time it got stripped down properly and rebuilt to Aidan’s exacting standards. I must admit its given a real sense of confidence, at least i know i’ve done everything i possibly can to prevent anything going wrong whilst we are away in Morocco.

I asked Aidan to take the front diff to bits also as i wanted to know firstly if there was anything wrong in there, but secondly i wanted to know if there was anything that could be contributing/causing the ‘prop ringing’. The front diff had a few little surprises as it happens which made me very happy that it got taken to bits for a check up.

Oh and please excuse the state of my face in the movie, my engine bash plate fell on my face when we we’re removing the gearbox….hurt a bit that did!

Here’s the video of the front diff:

Gearbox movie to follow……

5 thoughts on “Gearbox & Front Diff Check Up With Aidan Talbot

  1. Jeremy Cutts

    I have a 1986 Syncro that just started popping out of 4th gear. I am thinking it is time for a rebuild. What should I expect to pay for a complete rebuild? Great vids guys. Keep up the good work.

    1. Post author

      Hi Jeremy,

      Best thing to do is give Aidan Talbot a call, you can find his contact info on his website here:

      He is by far the most qualified person to answer your questions. Just make sure to be armed with the info he’ll need before you call, type of van, type of engine, gearbox code if you can (he loves people who know their gearbox code! he he)

      My only advice would be, stop driving it if you can. If it’s started to deteriorate it’ll only get more expensive the more you drive it…..

      Regards and good luck


  2. Karl

    Hi Chaps.
    Interesting videos. Fascinating to see how Aidan reads through problems and probable causes. Do think you’ve all gone abit overboard with this Movember business though!! lol.
    Cheers K.

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