Terrawagen Syncro or 2WD Flare Wheel Arch Kit – now in stock


For years groups on forums have discussed and argued the cost and effort involved in reproducing some of the wheel arch flare kits that came as standard on Tri-Stars, 16″ Syncros and also the “postal” arches. Our friends at Terrawagen have now started manufacturing their very own wheel arch flare kit that will fit both standard 14″ Syncro and 2WD vans alike.

T25 / T3 nuts in the UK and Europe have the issue of the expensive shipping and import costs being in the way of some great US made products – well, not for these as we have worked hard with Terrawagen to carry UK stock, and at a very reasonable price!

These are available in our webshop for UK and European customers and over with Terrawagen for US, Canadian and other countries.


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Terrawagen Fitting Videos:

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