Working away and using a camper van in every day life.

I really injured making this video. It was made before any of us went full time with and a great way of logging how any of our previous lives used to be.

The Morocco trip is sneaking up and money for it needs to be earned. Jed was approached by a guy who lived quite a way off who was having trouble finding anyone local with the confidence to take on some tricky plastering work. It meant working away for a few days so his Westfalia Syncro was used as accommodation and some cool wild camping spots were sniffed out. All three of us use our camper vans in our every day lives. Alan lives in his van in his job setting up and taking down all the staging and structures at the music events that some of you might attend in the UK. Jake’s work is web based and he can often be found using his van as an office on one of the many beaches in Cornwall.

This was a great chance to test out some of the new kit we have and once again the Trasharoo has turned out to be one of the most useful bits of equipment for wild camping, I really do wonder how we all managed before without one.

So grab a beverage and check out this latest video and feel free to comment,

Working away and using a camper van in every day life. from on Vimeo.

18 thoughts on “Working away and using a camper van in every day life.

  1. sid

    Nice one Jed, I was a bit worried when you mentioned the shower and showing us your nitty gritty but all turned out well. Excellent work on the plastering job, looked quite difficult. And those fish n chips, yummy eh!!!

    1. steve povall

      2 steaks, then 2 Fish! – I guess you work up an appetite doing all that plastering!
      Those half pans are genius. I’ve just com back from three weeks in Scotland in my syncro – could have done with those pans and the trasharoo!

  2. Gordon

    Another great video great idea to use the van when working away and in a nice location good to chill out in the van better than being stuck in a bed and breakfast.

  3. Rich

    Great! Currently my girlfriend and I are starting a business while on the road in Europe, at this moment sitting in a campsite in Norway with an illustration job to do (need a campsite for the leccy and wifi)

  4. Shane

    Hi Jed, as always great vid, great music. Really showing the versatility of the van and yor plastering abilities
    :-). Quick question i have a standard Westie T25 seeing how much weight you put in yours. Does the syncro have a stronger chassis and floor than a standard T25?

  5. Dusty Waves

    Hi Jed, nice to see someone else uses their syncro for work!
    I’m a carpenter here in Oz and I sometimes feel a bit guilty with all the tools and gear I stuff in the van during the week – not to mention the boards strapped to the roof!
    I don’t know how you keep it so tidy tho – if I’m camping on the job I have to stuff half my gear under the van at night so there’s room to sleep!
    I Love your camper set up – my old trakka is getting a bit dated so I’m stealing some of your layout!

  6. Kevin M.

    Very entertaining as usual, Jed. Thanks for taking the time/effort that goes into each installment!

    Question: where do you store all your “living gear” when you are hauling supplies and using the van as the work rig? Conversely, where do you store all your tools-of-the-trade when you are camping for the night?
    Our vans are big, but seems like you would have to practice minimalists skills to make this all work.

    Just wondering,

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Kevin

      If I am working away and using the Westy I leave my tools on the job I am working on over night. Most of my work is domestic stuff so my weapons are quite safe. I use a Syncro doka for my day to day local work and that works well.

  7. Rob

    Love all your videos Jed – impressed by your plastering – I often get asked if I know a decent plasterer I’ll recommend you – I think I’m quite local to you 🙂 They can check out this vid.

    All the best


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