Saxon Drugs and Rock & Roll

When we set off on a road trip we never really plan where we will end up or even head to on most occasions. Between the three of us we have built up quite a large list of cool places to stay as well as a bigger list of places we have been told about or have listed while passing on previous trips. Every video we have made never has a pre planned story board and we rely on random things that happen that you could never have found unless they were random.

This latest short trip was as full of randomness as usual but when we found loads of fossils, hung out with a massive group of Saxons, found a village that had been taken over by the army in WWII and has only been open to visit relatively recently and lots of it remains the same as it did back then, then bumped into subscriber Tom and his amazing family in their Syncro Club Joker and we all camped out together in an epic camp spot, we had a random overload. It makes for a good video and we hope you guys like it and comment.

Saxon Drugs and Rock & Roll from on Vimeo.

21 thoughts on “Saxon Drugs and Rock & Roll

  1. Sören

    Cool once again. Looking nice to have some summer weather. And cool t- shirts. Can I buy from you guys, and what is the cost to send one up to Sweden?
    Keep up the work with this site.


      Hi Sören, Thanks for the comments on the video!
      Yes you can buy from us, no problem at all. Just follow the ‘Online shop’ link in the menu and click on ‘Clothing’.

      Just so you kno we will be adding a couple of new designs of T-shirts to the shop tomorrow so there will be even more choice.

      Look forward to your order, we’ll make sure to put a couple of little extras in there for you when we see your order come in. 🙂



  2. Shane

    Enjoyed the Vid. I have wild camped further down the coast where the fisher men go. Looked great where you were. Will have to see if I can be detective and work out where it was :-).

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Shane.

      I had to keep the location secret because the last time we did a video there the head of the local parish council sent us a snotty email to say we would be arrested if we ever went back…. Well I am pleased to say we did and we wasn’t hehehehehehe….

      We did however stop some irresponsible wild campers chopping up and burning a fence, (I hid in the bushes and gave them a few flashes of the camera and they got all freaked out and left quickly).
      We bagged up and took away with us all of the rubbish they left as well as loads of other rubbish from other day visitors.
      We bought supplies from the local shops.
      We payed for day time parking.
      We have encouraged more people to visit Dorset.

      When will people realize that wild camping is good for the local economy and encourage it like the French do?


  3. Gordon

    Another great video looks like you had good weather still a bit cold up here in scotland .We always try to get out and about in our westy at weekends but when we cant get away due to work etc always good to watch a couple of your video,s
    Gordon & Michelle

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Gordon & Michelle.

      Good to see the videos keep you going when Scotland is feeling unkind. I really need to get back to Scotland, We once did a trip up there for two weeks when Isaac was 2 (he is now 7) one January. I had a 2wd home brew camper back then that ran on LPG. After that trip is when I realized we needed a diesel Syncro.

      Great to have you with us,


    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Pete.

      We use a slide rail for those, they are a joy to use but as you have an eye for this kind of thing I will share a little secret with you….

      We have arranged a filming weekend with a company that have a camera attached to a remote control helicopter!!!!!

      Watch this space 😉


  4. Lee Brooker-Payne

    Great video as always. Knew where you were from the first second of the video, as we just love Kimmeridge bay. Fossils as big as yer head! Any idea what awning Tom is using please?

  5. Miles

    Dude, that was altogether excellent, one of your very best, and a wonderful title. I even had to buy the acoustic Aces of Spades. It’s an odd coincidence that on 08 May we visited Oradour-sur-Glane, a town blasted by the Nazis in 1944 and ever since left pretty much as was.

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Miles glad you like it and cant wait to make this next one we have just filmed, I would be interested to know what you make of it when its ready later in the week. Yeh Oradour-sur-Glane is pretty chilling hey?


  6. MattBW

    This video inspired us to give the Jurassic coast a try, we weren’t disappointed. Great place thats just more suited to vans than many other parts of the country. Cheap parking, wild camp spots, cheap campsites and amazing views. Well worth a visit! Cheers for the vids Jed.

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