Gelert pop up kettle review.

It has been an interesting process reviewing the Gelert pop up kettle.

As many of you know we are planning a North Africa trip and I personally thought it might be good to find a good supplier of some of the things we need and buy things from one place. We tried a seller via Ebay and we got disgusting service from that was so bad the owner told us to f*** off when calmly voicing our concerns over the product they sell. One thing is certain, the owner is a moron…. have some good products and I have used some bits and pieces by them and thought they are as good place as any to find a good pop up kettle. Their customer services were spot on when I had to contact them about the moron at Camping-online LTD and they advised me on my rights as a consumer. They were sympathetic about my concerns about the 2L kettle I had bought and were interested to share them with their development team, so here goes.

Gelert pop up kettle review from on Vimeo.

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  1. Holydiver

    Good info again Jed, as an engineer just looking at the Gelert one, you got to ask the question how pactical is it going to be?? No kettle is safe if you have to remove / unplug the lid to pour.

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