VW T3/T25/Vanagon Syncro gearbox detective work.

This is definitely a video for all you Syncro nerds out there…

This is the first in a set of gearbox videos made by the new third member of the CampervanCulture team, Mr Alan Hayes that some of you might have spoken with on our Facebook page already. A big thanks to Aidan Talbot the UK’s Syncro gearbox rebuild guru who allowed Alan@Campervanculture into his workshop in LLanfyllin, Wales for a while to talk us all through what happens inside your gearbox when it stops working.

“After suffering a significant gearbox failure I needed to get a working gearbox back together and here’s the story about what happened…”


T3 Syncro Gearbox 101-Part1 from CampervanCulture.com on Vimeo.

11 thoughts on “VW T3/T25/Vanagon Syncro gearbox detective work.

  1. Kamperkev

    I had a major issue with my gearbox, and phoned Aiden for advice and he gave amazing tips over the phone. Managed to sort the issue over a weekend and get off on a holiday. He is a top bloke!

  2. Robert Payne

    Hi there,
    Just wanted some information how I could convert my 1982 VW t25 camper into LPG. Will LPG give me more mpg. etc.

    Also can I convert my two wheel drive to 4×4?


    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Robert,

      I had a 2wd T3 once and had it converted to LPG. Lots of people like LPG and tell you it doubles your MPG compared to running on petrol and it gives you half price motoring etc. I can only give advice from my own personal opinion due to my experience of running a vehicle on LPG.

      I dont care what people say, you do have to go out of your direct way to find fill ups lots of the time adding time to your journey and adding lots of the MPG you think you are saving.
      Because you only get 185 miles between fill ups you have to stop two extra times fill on a journey compared to a diesel powered van putting an extra hour or more on your journey time,
      The fuel tank takes up valuable storage space inside your van,
      You cant carry spare LPG in a container,
      There is usually only 2 LPG pumps at a service station, lots of the time I found them to be out of LPG and when they did have it I could only que up at that one pump when there were lots of empty pumps with diesel free. If you can only fill up from one side this narrows down your choice of pump even further.
      On a trip to North Wales once over Xmas and New Year I couldnt find any LPG places open. I changed my heater as soon as I got home from a gas powered Propex to a diesel powered Eberspacher because it was -5 and could have spoiled the trip as it was sooooooo cold. (lots of places under 4 miles away sold diesel)
      In some European countries you wont find LPG for sale.
      If you travel outside of the EU LPG is even harder and in some cases impossible to find, especially under 180 miles between fill ups.

      I was glad when I got rid of LPG…

      You can convert a 2wd van into a 4wd van using a Syncro as a donor vehicle but it is quite involved and you might find it hard to get insurance on the vehicle. My advice to you is a Diesel Syncro Camper could be what you need?

      1. Robert Payne

        Thanks for that Jed. Is it possible to have a combi LPG / diesel conversion? Leaving the diesel and an LPG tank in place might give me options switching to LPG within the M25. A hundred pounds a day to drive within the M25 doesn’t sound like much fun. Barring that I may just have to leave my van in Herne Bay near my uncles. Waddya reckon?

      2. The Black Sheep Church

        Yes! Finally! a syncro LPG answer based on personal experience – and confirmation of “my thoughts exactly”. I am not alone anymore in the fight with the “investors” of my dream and now I have a good argument to search for that 16″ syncro diesel gearbox. Thank you.

  3. Robert Payne

    Hi There,
    Can anyone recommend a reliable garage for a bi-fuel or multifuel conversion on my vw t25 in the Sutton Carshalton Croydon area?


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