SOLD VW RHD Syncro built in South Africa for sale SOLD

The owner says,

“This was a safari style bus in the Kalahari and has ten (all original) seats in total, though the rear triple are basically for kids, facing backwards and do clip in and out easily and/or fold up.
It is registered as Congestion Charge Exempt, due to its seating capacity,
and is not subject to LEZ either as some are, this is a great saving in London. Mechanically the van is very sound, it was bought by me from SyncroSpares as it was their show off van and daily runabout.
The old VW motor was an MV 2.1injection, the engine conversion was thought out carefully and researched.
All the parts needed were made by RJES engineering, (the best in the world), although also pretty expensive.
It involved a new wiring loom, specialist made bellhousing, and various other RJES custom parts like their complete stainless exhaust.
An short, finned alloy sump to keep the high ground clearance cost me an extra £600 from SmallCar Performance in the States.
The work was done by a converter, recommended by RJES who works mainly doing these conversions to T25’s.
The Subaru motor is an EJ22 being very simple, reliable, powerful and economical. (Thats a 2.2l non turbo)
It was stripped, examined, and had new headgaskets, seals and belts before fitting.
I have the service book from the car it came out of, an early Legacy. Of all the Subies, this motor is the bullet proof one.
The economy has just about doubled and the power feels like it too, so a very worthwhile job in the long term.”


• AirCon (not working)

• slide opening rear side windows

• electric front windows

• central locking (on the blink)

• electric mirrors

• rear heated and wash-wiped screen

• all original number etched glass with tinted strip over the front

• power Steering

• delay wipers

• 10 seats

• fully working Viscous Coupling

• twin diff locks

• 15″ Grabber AT2’s on steel wheels

• Subaru EJ22 motor

• NightBreaker headlight bulbs

• wind deflectors

• The gearbox was built last year by Aiden Talbot


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