Campervan road trip with one plan, there is no plan… Part 3

This time in part three we head up and up. The first stop over was on a free Aire in a place called Vars in the French Alps, a great base for some decent walks and hiking trails and a very nice two night stop over was had. Then after a quick uninspired night in Italy it was into Switzerland where the air is sweet, the people friendly and scenery to die for.

As always feel free to comment if you have any questions and part 4 to follow shortly…

28 thoughts on “Campervan road trip with one plan, there is no plan… Part 3

  1. Micky

    Awesome mate as always, not only do you cover your experience via video on your adventures, you go through the torment and painstaking stuff to edit your captures to share your experiences.

    Very very well done mate.

  2. john

    You need to film the family a bit more rather than the westy ?
    on second thoughts i do the same thing .
    keep them coming Jed………
    I love to see what people are up to

  3. sid

    Another great vid Jed. I would like to see more dilogue. “Not one piece a dog shit” and “Theres a farm, they grow tomatoes there” …. classic script buddy ha ha!!
    I’m a fan.

  4. Diane Bruce

    Have always loved beautiful Scotland but having watched your video I am almost inspired to spread my wings, Switzerland is stunning! Many thanks for sharing xxdiane

  5. phil Gloriant

    Jed , i follow you since the beginning and before ( 80-90 , Kamperchat where i’m now only a reader ..)
    thanks for your job and this idea you give us = enjoy your van, so …travel !

    i live near Boulogne sur Mer, front Dover , but sorry , continental side !!
    i’m vw van fans club owner so feel free to camp in my garden next time you cross the chunnel

    best regards and xxx your family.


    ( if you want to vist my webforum , mail me and i give you passwords )

  6. Rob

    Followng your trip with a great deal of envy, also love some of the music that you play. Definitely considering a trip/plan without a plan for next summer after seeing your vids mate. 80/90 rules….

  7. Henrietta Fernandez

    Great second half to your holiday and Switzerland looks great, but as you said the new engine was maybe essential. Not sure ours would make it up those mountains 🙁
    Would love to check out that beautiful farm site you stayed on in Switzerland, it looks like a real find. Great video, keep it up! Thanks…

  8. Rick Hurst

    I love watching these videos, from the camper/ adventure perspective, but also I love the filming, and the fact you are producing this stuff on the road – can you do a post about the kit you are using for this – particularly interested to know what you are using for those slow panning shots – stunning!

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