Campervan road trip with one plan, there is no plan… Part 1

Well it’s that time of the year again when we all think about heading off to more sunny parts of the world, especially if you live in or know England. It’s been the wettest summer on record and when Jed and his family made loose plans to visit Scandinavia this year the constant checking of the weather websites made them change their minds and head south to find some nice weather.

This last minute change of plan left them with a small dilemma, there was nowhere to head to and no planned stop off’s on the way. Last year a plan was hatched to head to Croatia and although it was an awesome trip (parts one to six are already on the website from that trip) lots of places that looked cool were driven past because a destination had to be reached. This time if a river looked tempting for a swim it will be swam in, if a campsite looks to be in a great location it will be slept on, if a lake looks like it deserves a kayak then it will be kayaked…

First night was on the cliffs next to Dover wild camping at a spot that many good adventures have started from, then a place called Super Besse, then while driving over the Rhone Alps a river was crossed by a bridge and we fancied a swim so stayed the night, and a picture was spotted on the wall of a bar and the bar tender said that the big rock arch was only 50km away so we went and loved it.

Feel free to ask any questions on any of the places stopped at if you’re planning a similar trip and we hope you enjoy this part one in this latest series of CampervanCulture videos.

31 thoughts on “Campervan road trip with one plan, there is no plan… Part 1

  1. john

    Nice one Jed we have just got back last week from the ardeche
    I was to lazy to get up at that time of the morning so went kaking at 10am with around 2000 others.It is a beautiful place but spoilt by us.

    1. jedthespread Post author

      You missed out John, it was totally different at 6am. Kind of like being in planet of the apes, loads of jumping fish and birds dive bombing from the arch to grab them, its one of the top 20 highlights of my life I reckon.

      PS Nice van…

  2. Miles

    Top trip again, dude. V enjoyable. The last twice I’ve overnighted at St M at Cliffe I’ve been audio-bombed at 1am and next time at 3am by nasty mopedallists without exhaust pipes.

    You must’ve felt pretty prehistoric-ish going down the Ardeche at that time of day?

  3. Kim Weishaupt

    Interesting,… as allways.
    But Jed, please don´t use the wide angle (or fischeye) lens so much. In my opinnion, it disorts the experience, and it is a shame, cause you are making inspiring videos. Both the trip videos, and the do it your selv videos.
    Cheers, Kim (syncro owner)

    1. jedthespread Post author

      Sorry your not keen on the wide angle bits Kim, any input is a big bonus for us and thanks for your comment.

      I used it more in this lot of videos because I felt you just get so much more in, maybe it can grow on you as I make the rest of the series.

  4. Henrietta Fernandez

    Nice one! Looks lovely at that time in the morning- the Ardeche. Just got back last night from 3 weeks in our Joker touring France, magical times and some fantastic campsites. Van was brilliant too and dog loved all the river and lake swimming we did. Had 2 nasty incidents with French drivers trying to push us off the road tho, as up-hill we were very slow. Made me so angry. Can recommend some gorgeous spots if anyone is interested, and quiet too, pretty much off the beaten tourist track…some photos here (I hope!)

  5. Henrietta Fernandez

    Thanks Jed and Matthew! It was such a great trip. My dog is sitting in our van as I write, and is in a complete sulk since we got back- going to have to take her down to the river today to swim!
    Awning/sun shade is actually for a Bell tent…we just got it before we went away and it is brilliant…here’s the link:
    We bunjeed it onto the van when the roof was up and it has a few different configurations. You can have the sides down a bit too for privacy if needed and it kept us dry when we had a big thunderstorm by the Dordogne.
    Campsite above in meadow was here
    Looks over the Loire, east of Clermont. Great place, really low key but has a pool too, canoe hire for 5 euros for the whole day(!) Fires on the beach. We canoed down river to a chateau on the river and back-hard work but not much current there. Just been taken over by sweet French couple. Go visit! Highly recommend! 🙂

  6. Mike

    Great great videos jed. A mate introduced me to campervan culture a few months ago and I’m hooked. Just come back from a week in france with recently acquired club joker loved every minute, planning a big trip next year..
    Let us know if your ever over in Jersey some great wild camping spots and sea kayaking.

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