Campervan road trip with one plan, there is no plan… Part 2

After the drive down mid way through France, and seeing to small exhaust repair, the trip continued south towards the Mediterranean sea. The first part of this video see’s a visit to Gordes and its hill top ancient town and a cheap Aire at 7 euro. It was then down to L’Escalet after a heads up from security on a private vineyard after us “accidentally” taking a wrong turn down a gravel track road. After driving along the south coast to Cannes the direction turned north bound to a national park around a place called Castellane and The Verdon Gorge, truly amazing….

Anyway here is part two in the series for you to check out for now and part three and more will be on its way soon and feel free to leave any comments…

21 thoughts on “Campervan road trip with one plan, there is no plan… Part 2

  1. Mattsvan

    Hey Jed,
    Me and my 4yr old love your vids, he asked the other day ‘is Jed the spred real daddy?’ we had a quick look at st.margarets on cliffs yesterday on our way up north but only found the beach, keep the cracking vids coming!

    1. jedthespread Post author

      Hi Matt, that really cracked me up hehehehehe…. The sleepy spot is on top of the cliffs at the monument. Basically as you hit the top of the hill before you drive down hit a left along a road with swish houses that turns into a pot holed road then it hits the wild camping spot.

  2. rody

    Hi Jed
    Great video , fun you share it with us . The best part of your plan is exactly no plan , best trip ever . Hope we will see episode 20-50 and more . Thank to you and your lettle family . Salut from Quebec . Yves

  3. Shane aka (ibsey)

    Nice one Jed.

    I checked out the wild camp in Dorset recently had a great sleep joined the fishermen at & 7am and enjoyed the sun rising.

    I notice you have a 3 point belt in back of the van can you upload a pic some time to show how you did this please, as I want to put one in for my daughter.

  4. Tony from the USA

    Brother Jed:
    THIS is why we bought our Vanagon! Excellent as usual. We are going to the Adirondack Mountains in New York State this weekend. Fajitas!!!! Rum n Cokes! Kayaks! Bikes! Oh yes! Keep up the great site man.

  5. 81AirCooled

    Didn’t think you could top last years series but France looks just amazing. Inspirational and just when I think the van is more hastle than it’s worth you remind me otherwise.

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