Muddy Action Packed Weekend filmed using Varavon Slidecam & Crane

Wet again but what the hell…

A few of us met from all over Europe in Wales for a spot of wild camping and off road driving. It was wet the whole weekend again but this didn’t dampen the spirits of anyone who visited our camp. Lots of the venue couldn’t be driven safely and winches were deployed on more than one occasion then play had to come to a halt for safety reasons. It was a perfect opportunity to take our new friends from France, Denmark, and The Netherlands down the pub in a nearby village and we had a right old laugh.

We get a few questions about what we use for filming and to be honest our camera stuff is pretty basic and low tec but this time we used our first bit of grown up camera equipment for a good part of this video. The Varavon Slidecam & Crane details can be found here for those interested,

It really is very good and we had a practice with the kit filming one of the most exiting VW T3, T25, Vanagon Syncos out there at the moment. Its owner Dai is a friend of ours we got to know through the Syncro scene and although his background is in custom motorcycles he has built this one off (for now) vehicles using his flair for custom vehicle builds to take his wife Debs and there new dog on wild camping trips both in the UK and Europe.

14 thoughts on “Muddy Action Packed Weekend filmed using Varavon Slidecam & Crane

  1. Geoff (Crazydiamond)

    Just when I think I’ve got over the longing for a Syncro bug, you go and do a great video of all the guys having fun again. Wish the lotto would pay up. Great video and very pro stuff as always Jed.

    1. Max

      Hey! they weren’t all guys!!!
      Thanx Jed for getting me on the river vid : ) Good to catch up!
      9 days was exhausting with the weather but brill company and the final show at Camperjam made them all want a syncro!!!!

  2. Tony

    You did I’d again brother from across the pond. Excellent vid and music. My Vanagon two wheeler could never get up those wet and winding hills but I am there in spirit. Keep up the great work man.

  3. Johannes

    Hey Jed,

    I really like your website and your videos. I guess it was one from a couple of reasons I just bought a syncro and I really enjoy this ride. Keep up with those amazing vid´s, your doing a great job!

    Many greetings from Germany

  4. Michael Bech

    Hey Jed .. Could you OR is it possible too get a new small film off the fantastic White and Blue Syncro with Rover frontlight on ! With more details and stuff WOOOOWWWWWWWWWWW we saw some clips at Denmark from Jason on his computer it is fucking awesome waaauuuuu… Thanks for some good Films and tecnics .. Greetings From Denmark who wants MORE

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