Free camping in Dorset UK

This time while Jake was out in his campervan setting out markers for a cancer charity event making full use of the 4WD that the VW Syncro has Jed took a more gentle approach to the weekend. It was another case of heading out and not really knowing where you will end up but they usually end up being the best weekends away.

If you like relaxing, free camping right on a beach, free mackerel, country pubs that are hundreds of years old, ancient villages that all the buildings have either stone or thatched roofs, out doors cooking then this is the video for you…

16 thoughts on “Free camping in Dorset UK

  1. Tony from the USA

    Excellent, inspiring video my friend! Come across the pond to the USA and meet up with us. You would LOVE the Finger Lakes area of New York.
    Just took my girlfriend and our Vanagon, Vantasia, to New Jersey for a three day New Orleans music festival complete with boiled crawfish and jambalya! Yeah baybay!!! We caravanned with three other couples. Keep sending us the great vids brother.

  2. Jon

    Hi love the films need to swap my california for a syncro one day. Where do you find these places to camp as I fancy taking my kids away as my 5 year old lad loves off roading and your films. Cheers.

  3. Leslee

    Hiya. Great vid. I wouldn’t mind a stay there too. Where exactly is it? Or is it a secret? Or, did I miss something in the vid? I know it’s Dorset. Cheers, L

  4. Shane aka (ibsey)

    I lived down that way for 18 months until recently. My daughter who is 11 still lives on Dorset/Devon border. Wewere at the very spot about 6 weeks ago. It is lovely with lots of other stuff to do! I didn’t realise that it was possible to wild camp there. Mind I have only just got myself a camper a T25 Joker 2 wheel drive. The mad thing is i just sold my ex military Land Rover to help pay some way towards the Joker. Seeing you guys enjoy a combined camper/off roader has made me somewhat envious I had the Landy for 11 years and miss it like mad. However I am sure I will have lots of fun in the camper, albeit not offf road. I am down that way on 31st July overnight so will look to wild camp there. Enjoyed your vid by the way your son is very lucky 🙂

    regards Shane

  5. Carl

    Hi Jed great vid,trying to work out where the area is,i live in Bournemouth so its on my doorstep but we have looked all over and not come across it,any chance of letting us know as it seems a great place for an overnighter for us and daughter keep up the great vids Cheers Carl

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      Hi Carl,

      Unfortunately we got a snotty email from the local tourist board (and/or head of the local parish council after a quick google search) that said if we ever wild camped down there again we would be arrested. They had a grievance because we were not contributing as paying customers to the local campsites (that are closed anyway in the late autumn, winter, and early spring months anyway) and all of the 15 or so campervans that used the area for overnighting and picked up all the litter that the day trippers left were not welcome. Signs saying no camping were displayed apparently (not true) according to the jobs worth/parish council/tourist officer whatever he is.

      As a consequence now the local pub that used to befit from about 10 bar meals, and scores of drinks bought from the wild campers, the local village store that used to get at least £15 per van, the money taken from parking 10 or so campervans over night that usually pay to stay the whole days on the weekends, the small art galleries and the general local economy will be loosing valued income in this time of economic crisis. Further more the area once used for wild camping will now become heavily littered and where the place had us keeping an eye on things at night it will probably be over run with un desirable types and boy racers and in turn vandalism will no doubt take place.

      Shame on the jobs worth that let a bunch of keys go to their head and has damaged the local economy and area because they cant stand people having fun.

  6. Vito

    Hi, I loved your video. That’s a great shame re: your last post. Some people, well, may people it seems, can’t think beyond their rule book.
    Such small minds. The real crime is how much camping costs in Dorset these day!!

  7. John

    Nice video guys.
    Shame about the Nazi’s that wont let people have fun.
    I think its Portland in the vid? Looks just like chessil beach. Bo to all wild camping!

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