Urban Exploring in a VW Syncro Campervan

Its great heading off for a long weekend camping with the family or with mates pushing your vehicle a bit to see what it can do. Sometimes the things that are right on your doorstep are over looked because they are so close, but when work time is busy its a good time to take advantage of those things closer to home. This time Jed and his son Isaac loaded up the campervan with the bikes early one Sunday morning and drove through the center of London for some urban exploring before the city awoke.

22 thoughts on “Urban Exploring in a VW Syncro Campervan

  1. Mule

    Grew up just around the corner from Greenwich and Blackheath. Such an awesome park, with the river nearby. Great kite flying on the heath too. Did you take your youngster to the Trafalgar pub? You can climb out one of their windows and sit out on the ledge with the water beneath you watching the sunset.

  2. Tony

    We live here in the States in what is known as “upstate” to differentiate us from the folks who live in the New York City area. Our weather lately has been like London’s: gray, rainy, and uninspiring. Your video makes me want to take out Vantasia this weekend when the weather finally clears. We’ll take her to a county park , cook lunch, and hike about, then read and crash a couple hours,,then return home refreshed. Thanks for the video. If in the States, come see us.

  3. Sum Doood

    Short trips make increasingly good sense, I’m afraid. I recently went for a coupla nights from north Lancashire for a potter around the area south of Oban, but had calculated the cost of diesel and nearly didn’t even set off at all. At 42 careful mpg it was over £100 by the time I got home again.

  4. Jean-Marc

    Salut jed,
    It is always a pleasure to watch your videos. Tower bridge under the sunlights it’s great ! i have a question too, the supports of the roof rack, are them “home made”?
    (sorry for my poor english language !) thank you…bye

  5. Rob

    Hi Jed,
    I love the interaction between you and your little lad – reminds me of myself and my son a few years back. I remember a time in the New Forest racing my boy back to our camp on our bikes and thinking I’d beat him easily (he was probably about your boy’s age) I forgot how much energy he had and as I kept looking behind he kept gaining on me! I was knackered but I won ————- just!!!!

    Looking forward to more of your videos,


  6. Scott

    Love London, beautiful city.
    You captured it well 😉

    Maybe you could do a series. I vote the canals and maybe the area around the zoo (my fav places)

    Strangely, the syncro fit right in.

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