Syncro Weekend Offroading Trip – mechanical failures galore!

A weekend away with some fellow subscibers turned into a mission when the vehicles suffered mechanical failures – 3 driveshafts, 3 cv joints, 3 cv boots, broken steering rack, one slashed tire and one snapped drop link!!

It was a case of bad luck for one of the vans owned by Syncro nut and now partner Alan Hayes in his RHD 1.9 mTDI panel van/camper that had most of the issues that contributed to us taking 13 hours to do the Strata Florida trail / greenlane in South Wales. We have got to give Freds Garage a big THANK YOU from CampervanCulture for bailing us out and coming to the rescue by allowing us to use the workshop and a ramp to get sorted as well as providing Alan with a steering rack, CV joints and good old moral support to get things moving again.

Freds Garage is run by a great bunch of guys and fellow CampervanCulture subscribers that do everything from MOTs to servicing and repairs on any campervan and can be found at,

Salem Road
SA15 3PZ
Telephone: 01554 772 341

Despite the dramas a great fun packed weekend was had as its not always about the driving but the laughs you have with mates doing it…

20 thoughts on “Syncro Weekend Offroading Trip – mechanical failures galore!

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  2. Oldhuldy

    I am finishing a 2WD 80 Westy. (I only have 4 CV joints) But, I still I wish I could get mine where you guys got yours! Thanks for the video…(and I still only have 4CVs to worry about)

  3. Julian

    Jed, it’s always a fest to see One of your great Syncro-videos! Keep on your good work! You’ve inspired me to buy a Bundesheer-Syncro which is my everything…
    All the best from Germany

  4. Micky

    Awesome video once again, I was enjoying my morning coffee, and happily tapping my foot to the soundtrack too. Good to see that the mechanical failures didn’t spoil the fun, and was all taken on the chin professionally 🙂

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