SOLD 16″ Syncro Double cab – are you ready for expedition? SOLD

SOLD – watch out for this on the Western Coast of the US.

It seems with the lack of new videos that campervanculture is turning into a syncro auto trading spot, we have added a for sale page and will put up interesting vehicles that come up for sale.

There are plenty of syncros out there of which I get syncro envy and usually Russel seems to own them, to be fair, it his is hard graft that goes into rebuilding and designing special features on them that make them so desirable! There aren’t many other vans that make me think I’d sell my Westy and replace it with that..

Originally a good solid standard 16″ LHD Syncro doka, this one has been through the usual strip down and rebuild and features. It was setup and designed to take a family on a trip to South Africa from the UK, with plenty of travelling room in the front and a mass of storage in the back. Just add your roof tent, stove and fridge and you have a ready to roll expedition vehicle.

The custom designed rear box can be removed by undoing 4 bolts and cutting the sealant bead and the original drop sides can be refitted to give you an absolutely stunning DOKA.

• 1992 Year Model
• Original Factory 16
• 4 Door with full TRI-STAR spec interior.
• 5 seat belts 4 being 3 point.
• Passenger swivel seat with fold out table
• Power steering
• Engine: AFN TDI 1.9 with hydraulic engine mounts
• Custom Raised Air intake
• Front and rear diff locks
• Full new stainless steel exhaust
• 5 X BFGoodridge MT 235 85 16 tires
• Head light washers
• Custom back designed to take all expedition equipment.
• Custom roof rack over cab and part of back made to take Hannibal family roof tent.
• Custom rack over back
• External wheel carrier with second as an option
• Top tint windscreen
• Custom tube rear bumper
• The rear box on this doka can be removed by undoing 4 bolts and cutting the sealant bead.
• Body strip down and respray

This is currently up for sale, Offers over £16,000. Contact us for further information.

9 thoughts on “SOLD 16″ Syncro Double cab – are you ready for expedition? SOLD

  1. Al Gilliland

    Hi Guys

    On your white west you have a different kind of outside mirrors than the standard mirrors found here in North America..Where can you buy them and what are they called. It looks like they also fold in..Is that correct?

    Calgary, Canada

  2. Daryl of AA Transaxle

    Yes, this little puppy is now in the US and will be residing in a little town of Duvall, near Seattle Washington (the far NW portion of the US). My buddy AJ Cruce bought it from Russel before he moved to SA. AJ and I will run down to central California on Oct 26th to get it from the importer who has made her US legal. He saw my 90 Doka Tristar and just had to try an 1 up me..He just might have done so. Looking forward to run some trails with AJ and teach him the ropes.

  3. Hartmut Kiehn

    Bought my 88 Tristar as a demo in 1990 . It’s the only one in Oz. Have been told that VW / Puch only produced 17 as RHD. Mine has done 380 T ks on it’s first engine, never been opened. It had a hard life , living on a farm, doing heavy work, incl pulling logs out of the bush. Now it’s retired like me and is in company of a Syncro Trakka .
    Thank you for this site, inspires me to look for a canopy and a camper fit out . would make my Kamper obsolete.

  4. AJ Cruce

    Just wanted to let you all know I finally got my Doka 16 licensed in the USA. It arrived in the USA in 5/26/12 and I was able to License it on Feb. 20 2013. Seems my problem was DOT and Autostadt West LLc. I will also let you know that my South American headlights were removed and not returned. Seems Autostadt’s owner believes the belongs to him. Even though this was not talked about before hand. Needless to say I do not recommend his company to anyone in the future.
    But I do love my Doka and thanks again AJ

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