There is nothing like a road trip and a jaunt to another country in your camper van. Last summer a group of friends headed out over to Spain to tour the Picos. Mark Williams, a fellow Westfalia Syncro owner put together some great clips for our pleasure. Marks Westfalia is a 16″ tdi converted van that has a vast range of modification that I am not ashamed to admit have borrowed a few ideas from in the past.
Mark says, “It was a good mix, the itinerary was easy, trails were good, non-damaging, fantastic scenery and no crowds. The weather brightened up the last two days so very good all in all and i’d certainly go again.”

So sit back, grab a cup of tea and enjoy this great video of the adventure.

11 thoughts on “NORTHERN SPAIN PICOS DE EUROPA in VW Syncros.

      1. Martin B,South Wales

        Hi again Jed,I wish some of these folks luck.Have they tried finding a tidy syncro lately?I’ve tried and have decided to keep my money,maybe get one from Europe in better condition than I could get for the same money here.
        That big summer road trip can wait another year or so.

  1. Herman

    Very nice! Would love to join such trips, just a bit far from South Africa. Maybe I’ll come visit and bum a ride ……heheheh … I can make tee…

  2. janmi

    I like this video.Pyrenea mountains are wonderful, we live near spain and use to go on this kind of trail each time we can.
    Don’t hesitate to go on holidays to cross the pyrenea mountain (east to west)only by trail, 1000 km of pleasure…. :-))

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