Fitting my new VW T3 T25 Vanagon Syncro-Nutz Side Rail ‘Rock Sliders’

This is a product from Syncro-Nutz, Scottish based VW specialists.

I have wanted some decent ‘rock sliders’ for my Westy ever since I bought it, I used to have some aluminium ones that just bolted through the jacking points – they were weak, poorly designed and bent when using them to jack the van up. When I heard Syncro-Nutz hade made a set I decided to indulge and splash out on a set.

These are very nicely made, really well designed and most importantly – easy to fit! They come powdercoated and also have the aluminium chequer plating which is fitted to the shape of the van. For the ultimate finish I am going to fill in the slight gap between the body and the aluminium with some Sikaflex or Tigerseal to prevent any road muck (salt!) getting up anywhere above where the sliders are…

Despite being called rock sliders, it is unlikely I will be sliding over rocks with them, a full kitted out campervan is hardly a rock crawling vehicle, but the piece of mind they provide for basic protection for the offroading I do is a bonus on top of looking awesome. They also make great steps for loading things onto and off the roof AND protecting against those careless drivers who swing there car door open against you in the car park – much better they hit your sill bars than your paintwork!

These would be equally at home on a 2wd van as well as a syncro. You can either use a bottle jack or switch to a hi-lift / Jackall for jacking after fitment. They have have tabs for using with the farm jack to stop it slipping around. A nice improvement would be somewhere circular for a jack adapter to fit through.

Fitting was quick and easy – watch for yourself.

10 thoughts on “Fitting my new VW T3 T25 Vanagon Syncro-Nutz Side Rail ‘Rock Sliders’

  1. Justavan

    Yep would agree with you they are a nice piece of kit and very easy to fit.
    I waited a while for these to be produced after I bent the cill on my Doka at Syncropendance last year.
    Have given them a few thumps already after showing some Landy boys what a Syncro can do last weekend and they stood up to the abuse I’ve given them so far.

  2. Rev. Benjamin M. Root IV

    Hi all,

    Has anyone who has tried these units found that they are ever in the way? Like banging your shins when leaning into, or stepping into the van. Do you find yourself using them as a step, or stepping over them? I don’t want to create an extra obstacle for me.


    PS I love the casual and honest tone of your vids: real people, real vans, real life.

    PPS posted again so I can selecte the notify box…sorry

    1. syncroand101

      Hi Ben,

      Nope, not had that problem at all, they are really useful for putting items on the roof rack, they don’t stick out too far, but I have used them as a step to get in and out of the van.. I love how they look on the van.

      Love that quote:
      ” real people, real vans, real life.”

      Mind if we steal it!?



  3. Kim Weishaupt

    Hi both.
    I’m about to buy a set of Rock sliders for my syncro “Arnold” :-), but I would like to see how they looks on the syncro in some other angles. do you hav e any pictures that shows them seen from 45 degrees front?
    Thanks for an interesting and inligthening homepage.
    Best regards
    Kim from Denmark

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