What is Wild Camping?

While camping in a forest recently I got to thinking about when people say, “We couldn’t do Wild Camping” On that note I put together a short video to explain what Wild Camping means to us as a family.

11 thoughts on “What is Wild Camping?

  1. Herman

    Love it Jed! We do it to hear in South Africa, but must admit, I like having an extra vehicle in the group. We have just completed a 5 day trip through Lesotho and had a beautiful camp next to a river. Wild camping does add to the adventure. Love you vids……. Syncro’s rock!

        1. jedthespread Post author

          Thanks Phill,

          Unfortunately I didnt bring the Syncro as it was 12 years ago. My partner and I bought a Ford Falcon Station Wagon in Perth for £300 with a phone and some camping gear, tins of old food in the back etc. We then drove it up the West Coast, across Northern Territory, then down the East Coast to Sydney where we sold it for £450 hehehehehe… Happy days those where.

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