Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 6

This is the final addition from our European trip. After a long drive and final push across Germany Jed and family ended up back in France staying on Aires for a cheap last few nights. With Kayaking, fishing to take care of the last few days went quickly enough and even enjoyed being moved on by the Belgium Police….

Included is a peace on how to use AIres and the excellent Aires camping book available from a great reference guide and bible to all the tight arsed travelers seeking budget accommodation.

8 thoughts on “Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 6

  1. Miles

    Very well done, dudes. Most enjoyable and it should surely encourage folks with campervans to go camping in them!
    In excitingly different places. And folks without campervans to stop just talking about them and to go and get one.
    And use it. Soon.

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