Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 5

After leaving Slovenia and driving across Austria and some snow capped mountains we entered Germany again far over to the east side and the Bavarian Forest. We had met a German fella back in Pag who had recommended the area to us and boy we were not disappointed. As we realized we were so close to Czech Republic we thought it would be rude not to spend at least one of our nights in the forest at one of the best camp spots we have found so far.

If you like it wild, bears, wolves killer wasps and tree top walks this is the video for you….

We had realized our four weeks were ebbing away silently so we really wanted to make the most of the last week of our trip. Part 6 is to follow and is the last part in the series. Say tuned to see the epic drive across Germany back in to France where we found some great places to stay and we reveal just how we manage to find these great spots. We also stayed in Belgium and see what happens when the cops dont like you wild camping in sand dunes after I had forgotten that my prop was off and I was only in 2wd…

18 thoughts on “Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 5

    1. jedthespread Post author

      Hi Micky,

      The bottle is a wasp trap, the camp area was full of them. You might think its kind of cruel but there where lots of them and they are quite aggressive and needed keeping under control.

      1. Sum Doood

        997 miles from our front door. For a year or so I’ve really felt a “need” to go east-er than I’ve been before.

        (L7 are new to me – sheltered life ‘n’ all that – what’s the track called, please?).

  1. Titus

    Caww tinned filth! Yummy!

    The Bavarian forest is also awesome in winter when it’s covered in a couple of metres of snow.

    The videos are getting better and better, nice one.


  2. Mike

    Yes have to agree with all the comments Well done Jed
    My syncro is getting closer to finished !! can’t wait to get out and get it dirty
    Regards to all

  3. Sue

    just come across your videos as we are doing a similiar trip in September. finding them really usefull. I wondered if you could remember the name of the place by the river in Czechoslovakia.

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