Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 4

This time Slovenia, and WOW!!!! what a place….

We didnt really know what to expect as we did very little research about the place but we do thank Doug and Elvis for giving some top tips on places to visit. You have to love a country who”s national sport isnt football or rugby but rock climbing and hiking, my kind of people. Most people spoke really good english, no litter of graffiti anywhere and an all round awesome place. Before you watch the video I am just going to say NO LOUISE DIDNT STEAL THAT REALLY hehehehehe…. We bought the item in question a few days earlier as we thought we had bought a device for repelling insects, but it turned out we bought a device for mourning the dead…. Wonder why we were getting strange looks in the evening and nobody would talk to us. What the hell am I on about? you will have to watch the video and see….

Part 5 to follow soon.

23 thoughts on “Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 4

  1. Mike

    Just as good as the other vids. Thanks Jed for sharing the experience , Can’t wait to get my syncro finished this winter and set off travelling . The vids get better and better
    Regards to all the other Synconaughts

  2. Kenneth

    Just wanted to say that I love your website and videos (The Europe trip ones are my favorites). You and Jeffthecanuck have inspired me so much that I went out and bought me a T4 Atlantic! Got a bit of work to do on it, but I`m looking forward to many a trip once she`s done.
    Keep up the great work!

    Cheers from Norway!

  3. Alexander

    Great movies, enjoy all of them, including the youtube ones! I was having a question for you. How would you use your compressor fridge if you would be a few days without driving, do you think you will leave it in there permanently? On top, they are rather expensive,no? I might consider one for my carthago syncro.

    Grtz from Belgium

    1. jedthespread Post author

      Hi Grtz,

      I have a thing called a Sterling charger fitted, this basically tricks the alternator into thinking it needs to put more charge into my domestic battery and fully charges it in 40 minute with the engine running. I just need to leave my engine running for a short while and it charges my domestic battery quickly. Again expensive but you get what you pay for right? Any kind of expedition vehicle of any worth has a compressor fridge as they work all the time like a real fridge.

      Jake and I will be making a fitting a compressor fridge video soon.

      Glad you like the video’s….

      1. Alexander

        Hi Jed,

        After your comment I went to check some compressor fridges as well, I have made some measurements and I believe a waeco mdc 50 would fit. After seeing your videos I seem to see you are having a waeco of 65 liters. Did you have to make many modifications to fit it in, as when I measure, I just don’t have the space, as it is much wider. Which fridge did you have before, the standard electrolux one? Ideally I would prefer to install a 65 liter on, as it is bigger plus more common, therefor cheaper, but I do not feel like make many modifications in the furniture.
        Many thanks,

        1. jedthespread Post author

          Hi Alexander, we fitted the 50l ones. you have to reduce the sides slightly as the hole is to big but if you lift the fridge so the top sits against the underside of the unit you get to fit a handy draw underneath.

  4. Matthew Higdon

    Hello Jed and Jake,
    Long time fan, here, of VW vans/Westy’s. I totalled my ’84 Wolf/Westy 16 years ago, but one of my best buds has had one (an ’84) now for 3yrs. Finding your blog and YT vid’s have been an inspiration for me to acquire one again….only, now, in a Syncro model. Either find a complete Westy, conversion, or build a conversion. I live in Ozark Mtn’s of Arkansas, so only a Syncro will do, I think. I already have a Suby 2.2L in a running Legacy wagon. Great car, but rather limited, comparitively, no? ๐Ÿ˜€

    Anyway, gentlemen, love the vid’s. Please continue making them. All the acquired Toyota 4×4 knowledge I’ve garnered over the years helps tremendously in understanding what you guys are doing. But, your infectiously charming accounts have converted me to Syncro envy. <> If ever, ever you were in the States and in my area, I’d buy you chaps many a beer. Very good breweries here.

    Cheers Jed and Jake!
    Matthew (the other goat)
    ps. Lovely family you have, Jed.

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