Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 2

Part two of our tour around Europe….

This time driving through Austria with a stormy night at a campsite, wild camping in the mountains of North Italy, a quick drive through Slovenia and the north of Croatia and crystal clear sea.

7 thoughts on “Travelling around Europe in a Campervan part 2

  1. Apple Tree

    Really impressed by your production standards !
    What video equipment and software do you use ? I would like to have a go at this myself.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. KangooRoo

    Very enjoyable and easy to watch. Enjoyed the scenery and pieces to camera (but please don’t do full circle pans during these – you run the risk of making your audience dizzy/queasy!). Good mix of shots and scenes. Look forward to the next videos of the series!

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