Travelling around Europe in a Campervan, Part 1

Here is a set of videos from a tour of Europe in our Westfalia Syncro. Basically it involved touring from the UK all the way down to Croatia and back taking in nine countries entered and exited a number of times.
Uk-France-Belgium-Luxembourg-France-Germany-Austria-Italy-Slovenia-Croatia-Slovenia-Austria-Germany-Czech Republic-Germany-France-Belgium-France-UK
In total 4851km where driven and two mechanical issues, so how did we get on traveling with a 5 year old?, where did we camp?, you will have to watch the videos to find out….

16 thoughts on “Travelling around Europe in a Campervan, Part 1

    1. jedthespread Post author

      Hi Patrick,

      You will now be pleased to know we have upgraded to use Vimeo plus so we can now add many more longer videos in much better quality to everyone around the world to see without any viewing restrictions for anyone. We thought it was worth the investment due to growing fast and receiving tens of thousands of hits world wide from people with the same Culture as you and us have.

      Its all about the culture….

  1. Mayka Fernández

    My husband showed me your pictures posted on a different website and I loved them!
    I have now seen your first video and can’t wait to see more!!
    It looks like you had a great time!

  2. Syncrosimon

    For our family holidays like this have become the norm, spending time together and sharing the adventure is a great way of building tight family bonds that will last forever. I also really like the way that you can almost feel the Earth turn under you as you travel further and further away from home, and then the return trip is just another adventure, when you are in a Syncro. Great inspirational stuff Jed.

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