L Shape Wind Deflector Review…

Here is a product we got from www.dubflecta.co.uk

This summer Jed and his family were plagued by aggressive wasps on the tour they did of europe. With temperatures logged above 45*c driving around with the windows wound up was to prove a bloody pain in the backside so we have tried these nifty wind deflectors out. This way you can drive around without sucking the nasty wasps in or letting loads of rain in when driving in the rain with the windows down kind of a poor mans air con system. They are a good price and if you are in the UK you can buy them here, or if your from outside the UK do like it says in the Video and email JP mentioning Campervanculture and they will get back to you with a reasonable world wide shipping cost.

Personally I would have been chuffed if they were bought for me for my birthday or at Xmas and at only £30 per set what self respecting camper van owner wouldn’t? They do them for a wide range of other vehicles too as well as acrylic head light protectors, T4 and T5 bumper protectors, rear spoilers….

20 thoughts on “L Shape Wind Deflector Review…

  1. Mike

    Nice wind deflectors Jed Guess now you will have to go back around Europe to try them out with the european wasp population !!! Oh that would be a shame I’m sure So what happens when you go backwards with the windows open??? just a thought
    As usual exelelent video
    regards and thanks

  2. Epiphone

    Titus, u seen them available in Germany?

    Jed, you got some fancy Camera holder for those wide shots of yourself, or just strap it onto the end of a stick?

  3. Sum Doood

    And then I found myself thinking, I can drive at least 200mls for the price of those wind deflectors (but I might still get some even though it’d be my second step away from our van’s “stock” condition).

    1. Dubflecta

      Hi Sum Dood, You could possibly drive 200 miles instead of buying these deflectors but I assume that in reality you will drive your bus much further than that. Another way to think of it is over the next 9800 miles you could be more comfortable or do 10 000 miles being less comfortable. I know which I would choose!

  4. kurt vonnagon

    looks good. im a smoker and im looking for a good way to draw out that dank smell. days go by and i still have that pungent smell that wont go away. ive tried to keep the window down to no avail. maybe this product will help. on a higher note can someone on the other side of the pond help me out with a transporter badge for rear hatch? ill buy or send you one of ours(vanagon) it will be repainted so if its faded thats ok just not broke. pins on back dont matter either they will be sanded down. thank you C.V.C. do you have a Q&A section ?

  5. Apple Tree

    Bought a pair for my Ford Transit campervan. Same product from Dubflecta but you have to buy them off their E-bay site. Come with clips to make sure they stay in.
    Good product, service and support. Recommended.

  6. Hartmut Kiehn

    tried to the deflectors in the Tristar Doka, but the electric window winders couldn’t move the windows. Possibly voltage loss in switches / wiring etc. I took them out and
    fitted them into the Trakka Syncro Kamper. work perfectly – manually operated.

  7. Holydiver

    Was thinking of getting a set but before I do, I’ve had a thought and wondering what peoples thoughts were on this??
    I’ve got a set of standard wind deflectors (top fitting) as sold by JK, as my westy has opening 1/4 light windows, would I get the same effect if I just drove with these slightly open???
    I like the look of these reviewed and fancy a pair but also don’t want to waste the money if I get the same result by just using the 1/4 lights

    Any thoughts anyone??
    I know just get out in the van and try it out!

    1. jed@CampervanCulture Post author

      To be honest I think it would be the same effect if you just open your quarter windows. For those with electric windows though it might be worth considering that the quarter opening windows are not electric on the passenger side. I am not sure if the opening quarter windows would keep so much rain out though as I dont have them on my vans.

      Hope this helps.


  8. Saso

    Hi Jed,

    im searching store where i can purchase Dubflecta for my T3 syncro, but the seller from UK doesn’t send to Slovenia… Do you kno for online shope where i can put an order?

    Many thanks, S.

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