Adding Additional Gearbox and Prop Protection on my Syncro Westy

For some time now I have worried about the cover plate which hangs down on my syncro gearbox. It it the lowest part of the box, and almost the lowest part of the van. One slight catch when passing over a rock and we are talking nasty damage! Has been on my list for ages to make something up however I found that Syncro-Services in Germany made a special custom aluminium protection plate which covers this vulnerable area along with additional protection plates for the prop.

I ordered a set from Germany so I thought I’d film the fitting. To make it easy to see, and also much easier to drill I removed the bash plate from the van, however you could quite easily mark up and drill and fit this without removing (even easier if you have a lift or ramp to work on and not the floor!)

All in all, an excellent quality item, well thought out, easy in to install (make sure you have a nice fresh drill bit). Also love the additional wings on the side of the rear plate for extra inner CV joint protection.

If you want a set, get in touch with Dina at Syncro-Services, located in Germany but ship worldwide!

(Excuse the traffic noise in the video, only had a driveway to work on!)

4 thoughts on “Adding Additional Gearbox and Prop Protection on my Syncro Westy

  1. Paul Wilkinson

    Looks well made (as expected) and well thought out.

    I wonder why VW omitted those pieces in the first place as the UJ’s and that dip in the box look pretty vulnerable and would be obvious points of concern when crossing rocky terrain.

  2. Robert

    Good job, I really enjoy your website even though I dont own a Vanagon. You really need to be wearing safety glasses whenever working on your van. Especially when drilling overhead. (!)

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