Jed replaces the rear wheel bearing on his T25 Vanagon Syncro

MOT time, and Jed’s van failed on a sloppy rear wheel bearing, i.e. too much play.

From a bad experience with a rear wheel bearing failing and damaging the bearing carrier – Jed now carries a good spare used hub with rear bearings already pressed in (I carry one in my van too). A quick video to show swapping them over, without undoing the brake system:

Replacement bearings were bought from the web shop by clicking here for the fronts and here for the rears .

For those of us who prefer to retighten that 46mm nut up to torque settings over the more agricultural method of counting turns, a quick check on the 80-90 Wiki tells us we need a whopping 500 NM/360ftlbs. Or a fat bloke on a scaffold pole.

15 thoughts on “Jed replaces the rear wheel bearing on his T25 Vanagon Syncro

  1. Titus A Duxass

    Top marks for this video.
    I have to carry out the same task in the near future, your video has confirmed that I can do it myself.


  2. Kyle

    Thanks for the great video… You saved me a bunch of time with that ‘knock the shaft in’ trick. For anyone interested, my brother back in Canada does a number of VW related videos:

    Thanks again!

  3. David

    Hi Jed, Good work, very helpful!
    I have to do this week after next..
    Any suggestions for where to obtain a new housing(14″Syncro) have a combination of goosed wheel bearing one side and suspected housing on t’other..
    Brickwerks for bearings but stumped on the housing!??


  4. John lovatt

    Hi love these snippets of camper van life one question the switches for diff lock? There seem to differ on some vans two some three even seen a van advertised with no switches what’s the best/ worst cheers John

  5. Craig

    Nice video, though I do have another tip on backing plate removal, if you remove the emergency brake cable from lever and pull cable out of backing plate you will have the clearance needed to clear the stub axle without tapping the stub axle in towards transmission.

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