Fitting Rear Shock Extensions and Front Ball Joint Spacers to the Westfalia Syncro

If you have raised the suspension on your van, you may well find the knock effect is the you require rear shock extensions and front ball joint spacers.

Here we have the rear shock extenders, which attach to the campers rear swing arm, and lift the syncro lower shock mount – which avoids the syncro rear shock topping out. Available from

Also, up front we have fitted syncro specific upper ball joint spacers, there several different suppliers out there, these ones also came from, they are the same as available at

Both of these have been on the Westfalia for a few thousand miles now, and have been no problem at all. Don’t forget, if you have raised the suspension on your Syncro to get the alignment / geometry checked over!

VW T3 Syncro wishbone spacer & rear shock extender fitting.. from on Vimeo.

13 thoughts on “Fitting Rear Shock Extensions and Front Ball Joint Spacers to the Westfalia Syncro

  1. kurt vonnagon

    you made it look easy enough. but what is the real gain? is it lift , travel , articulation. i guess what i mean is why would i need these products? i have not lifted my bus like you have shown in your other vids. is this why im clueless . or is it just like my mom said that smoking that stuff will rot your brain. peace kurt vonnagon

    1. jedthespread

      Hi Kurt,

      If or when you raise your van you will find your standard shocks will reach full stretch before the van has stopped moving upwards, this is called topping out. The shock extensions make your shock mount higher so it will be able to travel further than it did before. You can buy shocks with a longer reach but they can be quite expensive, the Futbus product is an affordable option allowing you to keep that standard VW shock going abit longer.

      Not really necessary unless you have fitted spacers over 25mm I would say.

      1. kurt vonnagon

        now it all becomes perfectly clear. thanks from all the people that rode the short bus. sorry you might not know what the short bus is. its the bus for the people that didnt pay attention in school .your friend kurt

      2. Alexander

        Hi Jed,

        I have just purchased trailmaster springs and shocks from syncro services. Great service from Dina, and I have asked her if I would need to install extension and joint spacers with these. She replied me it wasn’t necessary as the shocks will also be longer. Based on your comment, I think she is right, but I am interested to receive your confirmation 🙂

        Many thanks,

        1. jedthespread

          The shock extenders are for use with standard VW shocks because they are not long enough due to the extra hight when a van is lifted. The ones you have bought have a longer reach so no extenders are required.

          Dina is correct..

      1. Jay Colby

        Sounds good. I’m on 215 70 R16s so I’m going to give the ball joint spacers a try when I put in my front springs and replace the upper and lower control arm bushings. I’ll post back with my results.



  2. Gary

    Hi Jed.
    I note from your videos that you are running what look like Futbus spring spacers on the front. Can I ask what size they are and what hub/arch distance you achieve with these? (including the rubber spring inserts that are also present).

    How much spacer thickness have you on the rear to require the shock extenders?


    1. jedthespread

      Hi Gary, they are 30mm spacers that give a 40mm lift. The springs I have are not the standard VW ones but I couldnt tell you what they are off because they were on the van when we bought it from a car auction. From the center of the drive shaft to the under side of the arch is about 51cm I think and if the van was any higher than that I would be looking at the front shock extender really.

      Hope this helps

  3. steve

    Consider Airlifts ,inflatable balls inserted in to your springs to lift,balance,sagging springs .I have the in the sagging rear springs of my 2wd westy vanagon.I pump 20lbs into the Airlift ball with a pump to lift the rear and improve handling around corners and extra cushioning on rough roads,with water in the driverside water tank I pump a little extra on that side to balance the rear.Cost me $150.00 Canadian installed.

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