How to refit your T25 front window / windscreen / windshield

Most long term van owners know the feeling, you get in the van, and you have damp carpets in the front after it has been parked up,  or worse still you are driving in heavy rain and you can feel it dripping onto your foot! Yep, the those little rust bubbles under the windscreen seal are worse than you thought – time for the window to come out.

Rubber shrinks and hardens over time, most of our vans our at least 20 years old now, that is a fair old while sitting in sun wind and rain. Removing and replacing the window is actually easier than you’d think – although you have to be careful that is a big old piece of glass. I managed this by myself first time I did it (like the Autoglass guys do), however, it is easier with friends.

If I am replacing the seal, I like to cut around the inside with the stanley knife  – otherwise you need to leverage the old one out – which makes risk of breaking it higher. Once you have popped it out, you can deal with the rust and or welding, then it is time to put the glass back. Ideally go for an original seal if you can find a supplier who has one – new seals are far tighter than the older ones you have just taken out, so can require a bit of work . You can also get windscreen sealer – but if you have a good new seal you probably won’t need this!

We used a piece of nylon cord or washing line -insert it all the way around the seal and cross the bits over where they meet.

A little hint I picked up is to use some kind of silicone based lubricant to help the seal lip slip over the metal, we had some Tyre Black lying around so used that, worked pretty well.

Grab your VW front window rubber right here..

15 thoughts on “How to refit your T25 front window / windscreen / windshield

  1. ron lichtenstein

    great video. Just discovered some windshield rust on my 1991 Westy and thinking today how in the world am i going to get the windshield out or rather re-install it. The Westy glass seals are very different from those on a regular car. Thanks a million for your timely video…the job doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would be. Now at least I can concentrate on repairing the rust issue.

    1. syncroand101

      Thanks Ron,

      Some of the later Westfalia’s had the higher spec trim with the chrome insert – normally degraded and snaps all over the place when you take it out. I replaced mine like this with a normal seal without the trim groove – good luck!

  2. doug

    Thanks for taking the time to do this vid… I currently have all the side windows out of my van and i am struggling to get them back in after the repairs. Is it the same process getting these in? Any Tips???



    1. jedthespread Post author

      Hi Doug, take a look at the third Syncro Shopping video 1:58 onward and you can see the side windows going back in. The technique is much the same as the front window really. Good luck and thanks for the kind words,


      1. jedthespread Post author

        Glad to be of service Lawrence. All the other windows are the same to fit too and there is nothing like that sound as the last bit of string comes out. We have done quite a few since and have found that the plastic washing line works the best.

  3. carl murphy

    bought a full pack of just kampers seals for my converted panel van (holdsworth t25 1985) c reg and none of them fit at all so sent them back, vw heritage front and back fit very well and used old side seal after a good clean up.

    1. jedthespread Post author

      Hi Carl, thanks for the heads up…

      A rule of thumb we like to use is that if its from JK then its usually pants…

      I remember one time Jake bought a spanking new pan set from them, it didnt even last the weekend.

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