Working away? Sleep out in the camper.

After having to work away for a couple of days Jed decided to save his diesel money and cut down on lots of traveling time by finding a free camp spot near his workplace for the evening. By involving the Westy in everyday life it has earned its keep as budget accommodation for the tight arsed Plasterer…

4 thoughts on “Working away? Sleep out in the camper.

  1. LyleZ

    Just ran across your video tonight on You Tube and decided to check out your website/Blog. Boy it is great. I think tonight my decision has been made on what to save up for and purchase. I was going to save uip for a classic 56 Chevy but think I will have more fun with a VW Westfalia Camper Van. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. steve

    I do this all the time.I travel from Vancouver BC Canada,to Edmonton ,Alberta then on to Fort McMurray, distance 1,600K in my Westfaila Vanagon /Bostig ford engine conversion and stay in my van until I get to camp.I feel comfortable ,safe in my van bed bug,flee free.I stay at truck stops,walmart ,cosco,casino parking lots.Cook my own food,have portable wifi,Will be posting videos on the net soon.

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