Kayaking up The Thames and iDry product review

Today Jake and Jed hooked up in the vans and took the kayaks off the roofs.
We paddled a good few miles and found a nice pub called The Swan right next to Swan Island in Twickenham. You just wouldnt think you are in London, we felt like we were away on a trip.

We tried out the iDry as we hadn’t used it yet and thought it could be useful as we both use iPhones. The iDry is designed to keep your iphone dry while doing water sports and as keen kayak users we thought we would try the iDry out and review it.

It is currently on offer at The Sports HQ

4 thoughts on “Kayaking up The Thames and iDry product review

  1. Alex Pope

    Hi, I noticed on your pictures that you have a roof rack fitted to your pop-top. I’ve been looking for something to fit to my T25 Westfalia Joker pop-top, strong enough to transport kayaks.
    Yours looks ideal! Are you able to tell me where you bought it from?

    1. jedthespread Post author

      It got pushed down the list unfortunately but for now I can tell you that you can buy brackets that bolt on the side of the roof to give you a gutter point to fix a roof rack to and buy a gas strut kit from the USA that helps open your roof when there is a heavy load on it.

      Hope this helps.

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