8 thoughts on “Straightening the bash bars on the Syncro Westy

  1. PetenAli

    Hi Jed,

    Would there be any mileage in putting a small rubber packing piece (something tough like old reinforced conveyor belt rubber) between the bash bar and that bit of the gear box that made contact. I guess the bash bar will now be slightly weaker and therefore more likely to bend again when you ground it next time. If you have a packing piece it will prevent another gouge in the gear box and nasty vibes – man. I use this technique on my trials Beetle where the skid plate is close to the sump and it works a treat.


  2. Justavan

    Best solution I came up with to solve that problem Jed was to extend the 4 mounting lugs the 2 bolts go through at the back of the protection frame by 20mm. Thus giving much more clearance on the engine and gearbox for off road damage. With the Doka sitting higher with Seikel springs and spacers it is a good fix with little effect on ground clearance and keeps everything cool and easy to clean the mud off.

  3. Toni O

    Hi Jed.

    You ‘re making nice vid’s, great job!

    When are You doing front CV boot change video? I remember You have said somewhere that You’ll do it next. Would help me a lot, I’m on the way repacking all 4 front CV’s with new boot’s. I got inner CV bolts off last night, but the weather stopped me. It would be great to see some tricks and do the job quickly instead of freezing my ass and getting sticky prostatitis. I You now some info elsewhere, I’m interested on that aswell.

    We have here still 50cm snow, -5, windy and snowing a lot. No garage, welcome from Finland.

    Thanks mate and best regards!

    1. jedthespread

      CV boots and joints will be coming soon, I am just going through a list of minor repairs from our last Wales trip. I had a snapped wheel stud and a busted front wheel baring so I had to give that some priority. Jakes van didnt need any repairs though despite his shotgun driving style hehehehehe….


  4. Toni O

    OK, no worries, fix the priorities first. Actually I just got the right driveshaft away, it was quite straight forward after unmounting upper ball joint. Also dismantled the inner CV, gave a gasolin bath for both CV’s. Now I’m inside trying to figure out how in earth should get access to outer CV circlip… It’s inside the CV and I should get it out, I may need some magic there. Well lets see tomorrow after some good gasoline bath.

    1. jedthespread

      I find if you get a flat blade screw driver and open the clip by twisting it on its side it opens the clip enough to tap the CV joint off with a hammer. Get a friend to hold the drive shaft for you or hold it in a vice to make work miles easier.

      If it wont come out then I have snapped the end of the clip off before and taped it through using a tiny screw driver enough to get hold of one end with the vice grips and pull it right out. It takes abit longer but a sure way of getting it off if you get stuck.

      Good luck on the job that disposable rubber gloves were invented for.


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