Campervan landmeter app for T25s Vanagons and T3s!

One for those camper driving iPhone or iPod touch users, an app which shows you the pitch and roll of your 2wd, syncro, westfalia or any camper. Ideal for offroading, level camping or just as a fun gimmick!

If you have an iDevice, get the app from the app store here

The Levelling app which can be used for offroading or getting your van level for camping.

7 thoughts on “Campervan landmeter app for T25s Vanagons and T3s!

  1. Paul Wilkinson

    This is great for all the techno techno techno owners among us.

    What I need is a scan of the dial bits so I can get them converted to vinyl and fitted to my ‘physical’ landmeter. I’m looking at a jeepy vehicle at the moment which peeves me somewhat.

    1. chris7ian

      You’re going backwards – auxiliary clinometers have been around for ever – THIS is an APP for your phone – thus doing away with mounting extra instruments!

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