Alternative Syncro Camper – Camperising a Double Cab (DOKA)

A fully kitted out Syncro camper is fantastic, if not the ultimate in luxury 4WD camping or “glamping”. Jed started out his Syncro life with a Double Cab (Doppelkabine = DOKA), which is used for work in his business as a plasterer. They make an excellent platform for a daily workhorse and surprisingly comfortable camper.

With the addition of a multivan rock and roll bed and swivel bases, it is possible to sleep comfortably in the cabin – add a rooftent and you have a vehicle that can sleep 4 or 5!

The multivan seat was bought from a fella called Tony, known as alfieboy on some of the VW forums, watch out for good bits on his ebay account.

A reproduction westfalia front table and leg can be bought from Niko on brickyard, see more info on this brickyard thread.

Some pictures of the DOKA in use:

Cooking up on the dropside

A tea break on a sunny day.

Camped out on a beach under the stars

Putting the tent away after a sleep on the beach

Making up dinner on the dropside after a days kayaking

16 thoughts on “Alternative Syncro Camper – Camperising a Double Cab (DOKA)

  1. Justavan

    Yep Dokas ROCK,

    Nice vid Jed will push the price of Doka’s up undoubtedly ?

    I have been looking at the Terrain Roof Tents on E-bay for around £650 for mine.

    How about a review of what roof tents are available as a follow up Vid??????


  2. Paul Wilkinson

    Awesome writeup Jed.

    We loved ours for camping but getting the two dogs in was a bind.

    Now we are ‘glamping’ as you call it with a Syncro Westy (nearly) which suits our needs better but I still miss the flexibility of the Doka.

  3. titiesch

    really nice DOKA, exactly the one I’m lookin for.
    is it difficult to put the multivan bed?
    is it possible to give me more informations?
    thanks and good trips
    titi (frenchie…)

  4. AJ Cruce

    I have found a very good agent to ship the Doka. It will enter in California. The agent is a friend of Daryl’s { AA Transaxle} who is a friend of Chris Forrest, who I believe some of you people know. Thanks AJ

  5. AJ Cruce

    Update, it’s now 5 months later, and my doka is still tied up with Government (BS). It has past customs but now it in the hands of department of Transportation (DOT). AJ

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