13 thoughts on “Our Salisbury weekend wild camping and outdoors cooking..

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  2. Rich Lloyd AKA PeninsulaKid

    Great vid. Reckon you boys could give Speilberg a run for his money. Infact maybe Jed could direct and play Indi!! Great day off roading a s a first time syncro driver, made all the better by a cracking group of people. Looking forward to more news and fun on Campervanculture.com Just saved it in my favourites. Well done lads.

  3. Ady n Sharon

    Great video……….wish we’d stayed over night with you guys seeing the great pitch you found. Wild camping has got to be seriously next on our agenda. Keep up the good work guys n gals, see you on our next time out. Ady n Sharon

  4. jedthespread Post author

    Thanks for the kind words chaps….

    Where we drive is known as Green Laning. Green Laning is the driving of the many unsurfaced tracks and roads, green lanes, throughout the countryside in the UK that have vehicular rights. Some of these date back thousands of years, connecting farms, villages and market towns, but during the early 20th century most roads were covered with hard surfaces. The remaining roads still unsurfaced, and that still have Vehicular Rights of Way today, are known as either “Byway Open to All Traffic” (BOAT), “Road Used as Public Path” (RUPP), or “Unclassified Country Road” (UCR).
    You dont get many people around on them after dark and we somtimes camp just off them and have a cook up and a few drinks and stuff.

  5. Fannybygaslight

    Always love your Vids , keep them coming . I drive a 76 Westy (called Fanny) which is fantastic and dare i say part pf the family … However I have complete and utter respect for the Syncro … one day I shall have one and become a two van man! We do loads of camping and am hoping to try some wild camping asap. Cheers

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