3 thoughts on “Family wild camping in Wales.

  1. Timm

    Hello folks,

    i can´t watch certain videos, they are restricted for german youtube users. Like syncro shopping 2 and Family wild camping in Wales.
    Do you have any idea for me how to solve this problem?
    By the way , i love this homepage. Your videos are unique. Great input for the syncro community.
    Timm from Bremen in Germany

    1. Timm Lohmann

      Hi Jed,
      that link works very well. I think the main problem was just the music. That title seems to be blocked for Germany by youtube.

      I don´t think i am the one you met there. I was there but i just talked to a scotsman who had bought a Jagdwagen Doka and he seemed to have trouble bringing it home.


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