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cvc_arctic_ident3 Arctic Overland Series Part 3

Back in part 2 we had hit the tree line and crossed over and into the Arctic Circle.

Every time we find a new epic camp spot we think that things can’t get any better but we are proved to be wrong time and time again. In part 3 we head into Finland and then into Norway and onto the island of Senja. The Mosquitos are still chomping on us right up until we leave Finland and although we missed the dense forest and lake areas, it was nice to experience the landscape and free camp spots Norway had to offer.

As promised we have added the actual GPS locations of the free camp spots we found in part 3 as a thank you for your ongoing support. We will continue to do this through the following five or more following episodes. If you are interested in any of the equipment you see us using in this series please feel free to check out the Cooking & Camping Equipment section on the web shop. As most of you will all ready know the only things that ever end up on there is the equipment we actually use ourselves, that’s how CVC became the trusted brand we are today.

It’s that time of the week again to grab yourself a cold one, sit back and come and join us for the ride with us in part 3 of the CVC Arctic Circle Overland Film Series..


Arctic circle 3 from on Vimeo.

unnamed-2 Arctic Overland Series Part 2


Back in part 1 we had left CVC HQ and after boarding numerous ferries across northern Europe we set out GPS to head north.

Before we left we had been warned about mosquitos being a problem the further north we got and although they were an annoyance I am not sure they were quite as bad as everyone made out they were going to be though. That said we would have been happy if they didn’t make a show, regular as clockwork every evening. In this second part of the series we detour away from the E45 and drive the “Wilderness Road” that takes us into Swedish Lapland and with that came a visit to a traditional Sami village, epic water falls and rapids and reindeer.  We were still well on track with our mission to free camp the whole trip and the spots we were now finding were having a more remote feel to them, especially the times we wandered off the main roads and along the many forest tracks that branched off the narrow highway.

As promised we have added the actual GPS locations of the free camp spots we found in part 2 as a thank you for your ongoing support. We will continue to do this through the following five or more following episodes. If you are interested in any of the equipment you see us using in this series please feel free to check out the Cooking & Camping Equipment section on the web shop. As most of you will all ready know the only things that ever end up on there is the equipment we actually use ourselves, that’s how CVC became the trusted brand we are today.

It’s that time of the week again to grab yourself a cold one, sit back and come and join us for the ride as we enter Lapland, cross the Arctic Circle and find more epic camp spots  in part 2 of the CVC Arctic Circle Overland Film Series..


Arctic Circle Overland 2 from on Vimeo.

cvc_arctic_ident Arctic Overland Series Part 1

So here goes..

This is the Arctic Overland film series. Over the next few weeks you will be introduced to a set of short films of a trip that was a long time in the planning. In fact this would be the third time we tried to do this trip but for one thing and another it just never seemed to materialise. When we realised that for the third time it may not happen again, due to the Brexit happening just before the planned departure date, we really didn’t know what to do. Rather than accepting defeat for the third time we put a shout out on our social media outlets and the orders started to flood in!

You all made this trip happen..

It’s now time to show our thanks to you all because buying from our web shop allows us to live this Vanlife. is more than just another van parts web shop. As you all know, we run CVC so it allows us to make the money ourselves so we can invest this and make these short films happen and try to inspire people the best way we know how. Usually we are pretty secretive about the exact location of the camp spots we find but do leave subtle clues so you can find them if you really wanted to. In this series as a thank you to you all we are going to show the exact GPS ordinates of each place we free camp at so you can use them yourself if you ever wanted to do a similar trip yourself. Hell you could even just cherry pick the best ones!

OK, so now with all that said this is the lowdown of the trip ahead. The idea was to try and do a trip from London to up and over the Arctic Circle to see if we could find if there are any true wilderness areas left in Northern Europe/Scandinavia. We wanted to see if we could do this by being totally self contained and not paying to stay anywhere. As the series unfolds over the next few weeks, the three of us will show the set up we have and the gear we use to stay safe and healthy on the road. Travelling through what are supposed to be the most expensive countries in Europe really doesn’t have to be expensive if you do it our way, in fact this ended up being the cheapest trip we have ever done!

We want to make a final “Questions & Answers” video and get you as involved as we can. Please ask any questions you have in the comments section under the video and we will try to answer you directly in the Q & A final video that we will make at the end. Just say who you would like to answer the question,  Jed, Lou, Isaac or Dan the question itself and where in the world you are from.

Now grab yourself a cold one, sit back and come and join us for the ride as we get a couple of thousand miles under our belt on the drive north to see what’s going on up there in part 1 of the CVC Arctic Circle Overland Film Series..



My Favourite VW T25/T3/Vanagon Mods and Upgrades Pt 1

I’m sure a lot of you will know these already. New owners… maybe not. So here are a few of my favourite, subtle upgrades that make a world of difference. Modifications I’d like to think Westfalia / VW would include if they were still making these vans today. They’re things I’m so used to now that if I ever bought another van I’d make these changes straight away.

Let us know in the comments if there’s any additions we need to have on here.

These vw t25 t3 squre headlight protectors are the bees knees

Square Headlight Protectors
Stop those rather expensive headlights from any nasty cracks.


Twin Windscreen Washer Jets
Double your squirting power, you know… like modern vehicles have.


Fridge Vent with High Quality power/USB points
Get some power up the back next to the seat/bed where you need it most.


LED Dash Bulbs
One of the cheapest and simplest upgrades, and boy what a difference it makes. While you’re at it why not replace all your van’s light… we have replacement LEDs for all your lighting.


Westfalia Grey Shower/Tap upgrade
Swap between shower and regular water flow plus have the added versatility of being able to run the shower out of the kitchen window to use it outside.


Westfalia Table Stowing Brackets
Get the front table out from behind your drivers seat and stored up back out of the way.


Intermittent wiper upgrade
Enter the modern age… in addition to fast and super fast speed add the ability to adjust your wiper speed to suit the weather conditions.


Westfalia Front Table Leg Step
Give yourself (and your kids) a helping hand to get up into the roof.


High Power LED Headlight Upgrade Kit
Replace your tired, dim headlights. It’ll be like day vs night once you’ve experienced the difference these make to your night driving.


Under Seat Storage Drawer
Make use of that wasted space underneath your front seats with these handy unobtrusive lockable drawers.


Terrawagen Terrapodz Day Time Running Lights
Why buy an expensive and hard to find South African grille when you can get a set of Terrapodz?

Keep a look out for Part 2.

For Sale: 1988 VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon Caravelle Syncro 4X4

VW T25 Caravelle Syncro For Sale

1988 VW T25 / T3 / Vanagon Caravelle Syncro 4X4, 2.1 Petrol LHD

The owner says, 

This is the reluctant sale of my beloved VW Syncro.  It is an absolute dream to drive and I have really enjoyed using it over the past few years and hope it goes to a good home. 

The origins of the van, so I’m told, are that it was an ex-Estonian Police van and it was bought over to the UK in 2010, which was when I purchased it.

I used it for a year and then went travelling, so had to store it in a friend’s garage.  Upon my return I got it back on the road.  I built the interior myself, and as with everything it might not be to everyone’s taste, but that’s the fun of having a VW and personalising it.  Although she is an old van, and wear and tear is to be expected, she is in very good condition.


  • Brand new mefro wheels
  • MOT until March 2017 (no advisories)
  • New CPU fitted in 2013 
  • New exhaust system fitted in Dec 2013 (not stainless steel)
  • Water cooled system 
  • Syncro mesh – slightly worn on third gear, however absolutely no problems when driven carefully
  • Minor blisters in paintwork (as seen in photos)
  • Power steering
  • Diff locks – front and rear
  • Spare wheel
  • Roof rack
  • Captain’s seats – heated!
  • Sliding side windows
  • Rock and roll bed – double
  • Hob – single stainless steel
  • Sink – stainless steel (not powered)
  • 240,000km approx

Offers above £8,500. Please email to arrange viewing/purchase and for any further questions you might have. Located in the Cambridge area.

VW T25 Caravelle Syncro For Saleimage_5
VW T25 Caravelle Syncro For Sale
VW T25 Caravelle Syncro For Sale
VW T25 Caravelle Syncro For Sale

VW Westfalia Grey Shower Tap * Upgrade Your T25, T3 & Vanagon*

Originally fitted to T4 models but with adaptions for the T25 or T3 these shower taps allow you to pull that tap out of the kitchen unit and hang it out of the window to use as a shower. This is a very handy upgrade to make to your VW T25, T3 or LT but does require you to make the hole for the original tap slightly bigger with a rough file or correct drill bit. Believe us, it’s worth it!

Take a good look at what is included in our kit, we include the correct connector so you can fit this kit with no fuss to the factory VW T25 or T3 Westfalia van. Our kit also includes the original Westfalia tap holder that fixes to the under side of the counter top.

You can get yours by clicking HERE.

Here is how it works,

VW T25 T3 Vanagon Shower Tap Upgrade from on Vimeo.

New year and brand new CVC exclusive kit. High power LED headlight kits have now been born.

After a whole year of research, development and testing the LED headlight kits are now available to buy.

Research – This one has been an interesting one for sure. After finding the headlights on the CVC Westy from factory are just dam dangerous and trying out the various relay upgrades and related bulbs just not quite good enough for our personal requirements. The round factory headlights are bad enough but we found the square ones even worse and night time driving with no street lights is just ridiculous. When you have to slow down because you cant see at night that’s when we decided to do smoothing about this.

Development – We work very closely with an electronics company. They have all ready made loads of things for us to our requirements and the quality is aways spot on. Of course there are always development glitches before you hit the final product and that is why we like to test things thoroughly before we sell them.

Testing – This kit for example has been fitted to the CVC Westy for the last 6 months and to two other vans for just under that. One has just driven all the way down to the southern tip of Portugal and back so we are now happy with the quality and durability.



  • CE Certified
  • TUV Certified
  • lumens – 5200LM per bulb
  • Power – 55W per bulb
  • Input voltage – DC 11V-30V
  • Current – 4.5A ± 0.2A
  • Waterproof – IP68
  • 12 Months CVC warranty 

Fitting – Fitting couldn’t be easier. Our kit involves no wiring what so ever, if you can drill a hole and change a light bulb then you can fit our kit in no time. A link on a helpful info sheet will direct you to a step by step fitting guide is included with every headlight upgrade kit sold. You are required to drill just one small hole in the Hella headlight holder at the back that does not effect it’s operation on the unlikely event you decide to swap back to factory bulbs. Factory VW Hella square and round headlights require this on UK and European vans but the aftermarket round headlights we have seen do not require any hole. On square headlight vans the inner spot light bulb holder at the back requires a small amount of filing and again this does not effect the operation of the Hella bulb holder in the unlikely chance you want to go back to standard factory bulbs. All connectors on our upgrade kit use the same size connectors as the factory ones fitted to UK and European spec VW T25/T3 vans. VW T25, T3 & Vanagon Headlight Upgrade Kit from on Vimeo.

Options – We do both square headlight and round headlight conversion kits. The main headlight parts are the same but the square headlight kits include parts to do the inner spot lights too so are a little more expensive. The lower grill day time running light pods can be purchase on their own and as extras in the drop down option box in the shopping options.

Included in the kit

Round headlight kit –

2 x LED sidelight upgrade bulbs
2 x LED Headlight and main beam bulb units
2 x Ballasts
2 x Adhesive pads
4 x Cable ties
1 x Hex key

Square headlight kit –

2 x LED sidelight upgrade bulbs
2 x LED Headlight and main beam bulb units
2 x Ballasts
2 x Adhesive pads
4 x Cable ties
1 x Hex key
2 x High power Inner spot light bulbs

Lower grill day time running light pods add on option –

2 x pods with day time running lights (requires basic wiring)


For full fitting video tutorial please enter the fitting code that you will find inside of your kit here.



Available now on the web shop right here,


Merry Christmas everyone.

The answer machine is now turned on until January the 4th. The web shop will remain open throughout the festive season for anyone wanting to make orders and be at the front of the postal list when we get back to it in the new year.

A massive thanks to all of you that have followed our adventures over the last 12 months and chose to buy from the web shop. This keeps us doing what we do and allows us to give something directly back to you all by making the videos you like to watch rather than just take your cash! We have just now invested in a bunch of new film making equipment with this years profits from clothing sales and are in a far better place than we were this time last year due to hard work and a belief in what we do. 

2016 will see far more adventure that’s for sure!

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope Santa brings you what you deserve.

Jed, Louise & Isaac


large_0650ccc1fd53589a8fd79a0f1e7fd1e0 now stock GoWesty-designed upper control arm bushings

This is a new brand new product from the Gowesty. As are the recognised international distributor of  Gowesty products here in the UK we knew they were coming and looked around to see what else was available in the UK and Europe and to stock these are an absolute no brainer! At CVC we are pretty sure it won’t be long before nearly every van will have them fitted considering other offerings currently available for considerably more money!

We are really excited to introduce these GoWesty-designed upper control arm bushings for your 2WD and 4WD Vanagon! These will be the last upper control arm (UCA) bushings you’ll ever purchase. Crafted from Delrin AF (ultra-strong Delrin combined with ultra-slippery PTFE), these bushings never need to be lubricated. The sleeves are made from corrosion-proof stainless steel.

This GW-design also eliminates the need to add a spot weld when installing in a 2WD—now that’s some forward thinking! We strongly recommend these over the Meyle-brand upper control arm bushings. Do it right the first time, and never think about it again! And trust us: When that squeak is gone for good, you’ll be a truly happy camper.

Our kit offers a comprehensive replacement, including brand-new stainless steel eccentric washers.

Installation instructions included.

Now this is great new for all of us camper van users hey and because they are over £100 you even get free postage, Win!

Grab yours here,

The CVC Team