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New year and brand new CVC exclusive kit. High power LED headlight kits have now been born.

After a whole year of research, development and testing the LED headlight kits are now available to buy.

Research - This one has been an interesting one for sure. After finding the headlights on the CVC Westy from factory are just dam dangerous and trying out the various relay upgrades and related bulbs just not quite good enough for our personal requirements. The round factory headlights are bad enough but we found the square ones even worse and night time driving with no street lights is just ridiculous. When you have to slow down because you cant see at night that’s when we decided to do smoothing about this.

Development - We work very closely with an electronics company. They have all ready made loads of things for us to our requirements and the quality is aways spot on. Of course there are always development glitches before you hit the final product and that is why we like to test things thoroughly before we sell them.

Testing - This kit for example has been fitted to the CVC Westy for the last 6 months and to two other vans for just under that. One has just driven all the way down to the southern tip of Portugal and back so we are now happy with the quality and durability.



  • CE Certified
  • TUV Certified
  • lumens – 5200LM per bulb
  • Power – 55W per bulb
  • Input voltage – DC 11V-30V
  • Current – 4.5A ± 0.2A
  • Waterproof – IP68
  • 12 Months CVC warranty 

Fitting - Fitting couldn’t be easier. Our kit involves no wiring what so ever, if you can drill a hole and change a light bulb then you can fit our kit in no time. A link on a helpful info sheet will direct you to a step by step fitting guide is included with every headlight upgrade kit sold. You are required to drill just one small hole in the Hella headlight holder at the back that does not effect it’s operation on the unlikely event you decide to swap back to factory bulbs. Factory VW Hella square and round headlights require this on UK and European vans but the aftermarket round headlights we have seen do not require any hole. On square headlight vans the inner spot light bulb holder at the back requires a small amount of filing and again this does not effect the operation of the Hella bulb holder in the unlikely chance you want to go back to standard factory bulbs. All connectors on our upgrade kit use the same size connectors as the factory ones fitted to UK and European spec VW T25/T3 vans. VW T25, T3 & Vanagon Headlight Upgrade Kit from on Vimeo.

Options - We do both square headlight and round headlight conversion kits. The main headlight parts are the same but the square headlight kits include parts to do the inner spot lights too so are a little more expensive. The lower grill day time running light pods can be purchase on their own and as extras in the drop down option box in the shopping options.

Included in the kit

Round headlight kit -

2 x LED sidelight upgrade bulbs
2 x LED Headlight and main beam bulb units
2 x Ballasts
2 x Adhesive pads
4 x Cable ties
1 x Hex key

Square headlight kit -

2 x LED sidelight upgrade bulbs
2 x LED Headlight and main beam bulb units
2 x Ballasts
2 x Adhesive pads
4 x Cable ties
1 x Hex key
2 x High power Inner spot light bulbs

Lower grill day time running light pods add on option -

2 x pods with day time running lights (requires basic wiring)


For full fitting video tutorial please enter the fitting code that you will find inside of your kit here.



Available now on the web shop right here,


New Year 2015/2016 Free Camping Trying To Escape The Storms & Floods

A new year always encourages new beginnings and resolutions that head everyone in the right direction in life. At we are no different. We spent the whole of 2015 putting most of our efforts into laying a solid foundation to the web shop selling only quality products so we could develop what we love to do the most and that’s to bring you the Vanlife travel videos that CVC has become so well known for. All the hard work has now paid off and we have just moved into a brand new unit here in South London to run the business side of things from the 4th of January 2016.

This now leaves us enough elbow room to get back to what we love to do the most and that’s using our van and filming our adventures out on the open road. Everything that is left after we pay our income tax and living costs will be put right back into doing trips and filming what we do, so we get to give a little back rather than just take your money and keep far removed from being just another UK and European VW van parts web shop with no soul. It’s always been this way but you will notice that from this video onwards we have put our money where our mouth is and you can see that profits have gone directly back into something you can all enjoy to watch for free. By choosing you have allowed us to invest in better, more advanced film making equipment so can develop our skills and we have all of you to thank for this so we can keep on doing what we do and have you all along for the ride.


This first video of the new 2016 season was made after we originally wanted to carry on from where we left off on our previous ‘Valley Of The Dams’ video. We really had a feeling that we had unfinished business out in Wales as it felt like we were just not ready to head home last time. This Christmas the weather has been terrible up north and out west so after sitting down and looking at the Met Office web site there looked to be a small pocket of decent weather towards the south east so headed that way for four nights and see the new year in.

Come ride with us.




New Year Free Camping Trip 2015/2016 & What’s New At from on Vimeo.

Merry Christmas everyone.

The answer machine is now turned on until January the 4th. The web shop will remain open throughout the festive season for anyone wanting to make orders and be at the front of the postal list when we get back to it in the new year.

A massive thanks to all of you that have followed our adventures over the last 12 months and chose to buy from the web shop. This keeps us doing what we do and allows us to give something directly back to you all by making the videos you like to watch rather than just take your cash! We have just now invested in a bunch of new film making equipment with this years profits from clothing sales and are in a far better place than we were this time last year due to hard work and a belief in what we do. 

2016 will see far more adventure that’s for sure!

Merry Christmas everyone and I hope Santa brings you what you deserve.

Jed, Louise & Isaac


large_0650ccc1fd53589a8fd79a0f1e7fd1e0 now stock GoWesty-designed upper control arm bushings

This is a new brand new product from the Gowesty. As are the recognised international distributor of  Gowesty products here in the UK we knew they were coming and looked around to see what else was available in the UK and Europe and to stock these are an absolute no brainer! At CVC we are pretty sure it won’t be long before nearly every van will have them fitted considering other offerings currently available for considerably more money!

We are really excited to introduce these GoWesty-designed upper control arm bushings for your 2WD and 4WD Vanagon! These will be the last upper control arm (UCA) bushings you’ll ever purchase. Crafted from Delrin AF (ultra-strong Delrin combined with ultra-slippery PTFE), these bushings never need to be lubricated. The sleeves are made from corrosion-proof stainless steel.

This GW-design also eliminates the need to add a spot weld when installing in a 2WD—now that’s some forward thinking! We strongly recommend these over the Meyle-brand upper control arm bushings. Do it right the first time, and never think about it again! And trust us: When that squeak is gone for good, you’ll be a truly happy camper.

Our kit offers a comprehensive replacement, including brand-new stainless steel eccentric washers.

Installation instructions included.

Now this is great new for all of us camper van users hey and because they are over £100 you even get free postage, Win!

Grab yours here,

The CVC Team

Wales – Valley Of The Dams Road Trip

Autumn is here so we decided to get out and about to admire the changing of the seasons. Wild camping was as usual excellent and we found some amazing places to camp for the few nights we were away. We spent most of our days around the Elan Valley exploring the many dams and lakes/reservoirs in the area and the evenings in remote wild camping spots around the fire.

If you are viewing using a solid internet connection it is well worth viewing the HD option.

If you are interested in any of the gear we use in this video it can all be found on the web shop. Thanks for the support in keeping us doing what we do at CVC.



Wales – Valley Of The Dams Road Trip from on Vimeo.

Mercedes Benz Vario 814DA 4×4 for sale

This is without doubt one of the nicest vehicles I have had the pleasure seeing. I fell in love with it the moment I first saw it drive passed the trade stall at the Adventure Overland show back in 2014.

This is a rare opportunity to buy a Mercedes Benz Vario 814da with only 96.000 km.

The truck not only looks brand new but feels and drives like new as well.

Year: 1998

Milage: 96000 km

HP 140 OM904LA Turbo Intercooler

Max speed 80 mph / 130 km/h

RPM at cruise speed of 55 mph (90km/h )is 1550 !!!

Weight 7500 max.

MPG 21,5 mpg / 13,2 ltr/100 km / 7,6 km/liter

Fast Axles

Original 4×4 by Mercedes Benz

8 ton chassis

Complete new interior with swing seats, passenger one on turntable



Single wheel conversion on rear axle

19,5 inch wheels with 285/70R19,5 tires


300 liter fresh water

200 liter waste water

Victron Blue Solar Mppt 75/15 (12/24-15A)

Victron Phoenix MultiPlus 24/3000 70-1

2x Victron AGM Batteries 12V/165Ah

200Wp solar panels

Stainless steel shore power inlet

Relais BS 12/24-160A intelligent Combiner

Seagull IVX-2KB inline waterfilter

Pre-filter water

Hydrofoor 24 liter 4 bar max.

Isotemp 40 liter hot water boiler

Prebit Yacht LED interior lights

Sanibroyeur Macerator Ceramic toilet

Isotherm Refrigerator 130 liter with 8 liter freezer

Marine style roofhatches

3 stove gas burner

Outside gas connection

SMEV oven

Kitchen with 7 drawers

Large overhead storage compartment

Marine stainless steel electric fans


Anti bacterial water pipes

4 mtr canopy

Bicycle carrier at the rear

€79,000 or around £58,000

Please contact Adventure Trucks here if you are interested in buying this amazing vehicle,


Westy front roof section cargo control system

At we have been testing a whole bunch of new stuff this summer.

Everyone knows we use the stuff we sell right! Well this is no exception…. During our travels in the past there have been times when we have all struggled with storage space inside the vans in our videos. We have now freed up a load of space inside the van by having a cargo control system and a bunch of new products that make life on the road more enjoyable.  With this system and the associated products you can double your storage capacity easily and not have tons of stuff in your living space getting in the way.

After years of settling for cheaply made camper van camping equipment accessories and parts being available in the UK CVC are committed to bringing to the table top quality items that we would only be happy using or fitting ourselves. CVC is not just a web shop as you all know.

Here’s a video of some new products that are now available on our shop that you will see more and more of in our future trip videos. We are thrilled to now offer our Westfalia front roof or roof rack storage system and folding safari camping chairs with carry bags  and a great wheel mounted step addition that makes a huge difference to keeping things stored away and easy to get to.


Vw T25 T3 Vanagon Westfalia front roof section cargo carry system from on Vimeo.

The last weekend of summer 2015

This last weekend is always marked down in the CVC calendar as the last weekend of summer. Every year this weekend gets good weather and the seasons turn the day after. We were not disappointed… We kept things pretty local as we were still packing up and sending orders out up until 3pm on Friday.

All work and no play makes Jack a very dull boy!

Here is a short video of what we got up to and some of the random things that we found going on along the way, I hope you all like it.


The last weekend of summer 2015 from on Vimeo.

A massive thanks to you all from

Hi everyone,.

Just a quick update to let you all know that we are now doing a trail week of free shipping on all mainland UK orders over £100. We also set the system so you can now choose local pick up to save on postage fees at the check out.

Thanks for the support guys, with out you we would’t be able to keep doing what we do here and that means a lot to us.


A new product has been born.

Westfalia Fridge Vent Plate with High Quality power points.


This is a product we have been working on for quite a while at CVC and now we are done with months of testing we can now offer what we believe to be the best cover plate power point kit on the market. Because we use the vans we sell parts for and go on trips just like you all do it gives us the edge when developing new stuff as our minds work just like yours.



How we got to this final production model.

Factory look and OEM feel, as Westy owners we all like this right? So thats what we went for.

The double USB point is from Blue Sea, this is a marine water proof application and it’s the very best that money can buy. We have been selling these since day one of CVC and was probably one of the first products ever to be added to our shop. We have sold hundreds with 100% customer satisfaction and like most things on our shop we use them most weekends ourselves. Why go marine grade? Well look how close it is to the sink draining board and the cooker, when cooking meals pans of liquid or kettles will be passed over the area directly above the power points. The Blue Sea USB twin charger is NOT one of those cheap Ebay numbers that melt (Lots about this on the T25 Club Facebook page) and gives out the full 2.1 amps on both points at the same time so doesn’t just keep your cameras, phones and other gadgets alive when plugged in but will actually charge them quickly. The cheapo melty ones half the output on each point when you plug two things in at once, this is probably why those melt at the back!

One power point is never enough… These days most things charge using a USB connection and because we use the Blue Sea double USB one ourself we knew that when we had the vent plates manufactured here in south London the standard cigarette lighter point on your vans dash board is smaller than the hole that the Bluesea charger requires. If you ever see other single power point plates available at the time of us writing this (especially the jazzy looking ones) the chances are the cut out hole is way to small for a quality modern USB power point. It will only take a an old fashioned cigarette lighter socket with the same hole size as the dash board and not much plugs into those these days right! That said we have kept this as an option on the CVC one just incase you do need it for that trusty old 12v DVD player or TV that you bring out on rainy evenings or for the kids. The 12v flip front sockets that only fit in the small hole size like in the dash board are great for in the front where you don’t get any people or kids messing around but in the rear the flip fronts would snap off for sure, especially next to the rear table. We thought of this so the CVC one has a waterproof 12v old style plug connector that matches the Blue Sea USB one . These rubber fronts will never snap off and are a whole lot safer than anything else out there.


We are not into making or supplying crummy budget un considered options here at CVC, if you want those then your best bet is Ebay. CVC has invested it’s time and experience as camper van owners to bring you what we consider the absolute best design and quality available at a realistic price and will continue to do so for you all.

No more reaching for your device only to find it hasn’t charged.

  • Compatible with popular devices (Iphone, Ipad, Smart phones, Go Pro, Sat Nav)
  • Protective caps
  • Easy to use
  • Professionally powder coated in Westfalia grey and brown