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Due to the lack of a decent body mounted rear wheel carrier in the UK and Europe at the moment we decided to hook up with Rocky Mountain Westy in the USA and modify their existing high quality design to fit the UK and EU rear licence plates. Well after the first pallet load we imported selling out on the first 3 days of arriving in the UK we have just received a second pallet of this amazing product and it didn’t stoop there…

We are also stocking the Rocky Mountain Westy swing away tray in left and right sides as well as the much loved side ladder that fixed into the rear jacking point of your van as well as the under front seat locking draws and the bad ass Twin Peaks front and rear bumpers.

We have been posting this stuff out all over Europe Sweden, Belgium, Germany to name just a few countries so we will post straight out to you right now, where ever you are! Just ask…

Click here for the full range.


Back in the saddle again!

We haven’t been able to make many travel videos here this year at as the CVC Westy has been sick since last year. With loads of parts that simply got worn out inc the gear box due to the amount of miles put on it and abuse given through Europe and North Africa over the past few years lots needed fixing. It has given us some extra much needed time to sort out our product development and product range as well as tinker with the web site.
Last night an email was received from gear box guru Aiden Talbot with a heads up to let us know the new gear box was being built over this weekend so that is expected to arrive during next week so we can fit it back. Once this is done CVC is back in video making mode once again.

Sorry for the delay with fresh new videos. With a vehicle down and some positive much needed changes here this year, CVC will be back doing the camper van travel videos that we love to make and share so much real soon.


Tom Dibb and his trip from the UK to Australia in a VW T25/T3/Vanagon

Let us tell you about Tom Dibb.

We have known van dwelling Tom for a short while after meeting him while we opened up shop at some of the VW shows last year. Tom is a very talented musician and song writer that wants to find his own way in the music business by avoiding all of the X Factor style avenues that he and CVC hate. You will have heard some of Tom’s tracks on some of our videos and you can listen to more on his website here. In 10 weeks time Tom will be setting off from the UK in an attempt to drive to Australia with very limited funds and needs help to finance his trip on the road and make his dream of musical success happen his way!

Below is a video of Tom’s story, and the trip blog is right here.

Tom Dibb and his trip from the UK to Australia in a VW T25/T3/Vanagon from on Vimeo.

Westfalia Pop Top Skylight Dismantling & Reassembly

This video is to mainly show you how to replace the operator on a VW T25/T3/Vanagon Westfalia pop top camper van. More often than not the plastic rollers snap off with age but fear not, now we have new ones on the web shop if you click here. We do pretty much every part for a pop top roof so if it is broken we are the first place you should try with prices that are rarely beaten.

There is also a little extra gadgetry and insight into other products that we are working on right now at

Westfalia Pop Top Skylight Dismantling & Reassembly from on Vimeo. Clothing & How It’s Made

The latest​ clothing design has just been finished last night and is on it’s way to us. We carefully select the best quality heavy weight garnets for durability and fitting. Our clothing is NOT just a crappy iron on transfer, each one is screen printed with ink by hand!

Here is how they are made, Clothing & How It's Made from on Vimeo.

Get your Gowesty orders in now!

We are having real trouble keeping hold of Syncro lift springs and Fox suspension in stock from Gowesty Camper Products here at CVC HQ. We got a stack of it on the last pallet and it lasted about 3 days before it all got sold and went out of stock again! We are about to get another pallet shipment order in with Gowesty this weekend so if any of you followers want anything on pre order please get in touch through the contact form on the CVC web site. We will get right back to you and add your order to the pallet on reserve so we can connect you with your Gowesty swag.

CVC are away making another video series this summer so will be closed for August and will not be getting any more pallet orders in from anyone state side until we return in September. If you want anything this summer, this is your last chance to jump on board before it all gets snapped up again.



Gowesty 2wd lift springs fitting.

These days people are using their T25/T3 vans for travel rather than sitting in a field at a VW show doing not very much at all. In the past lowering vans was a trend that hung around for a while but with limited ground clearance these vans were useless for anyone looking for adventure and good wild camping opportunities.  At CVC we have been watching what people have been doing in the USA for quite a while and last year we became the UK and EU importer and distributor for Gowesty in America. As a result we have been selling lots of Gowesty lift springs for the T25/T3 van and as we are the only people selling these springs in the UK and Europe we figured it was about time we filmed how to fit them yourself for when you buy a set.

It really isn’t that hard and can be done in a day as long as you have a decent spring compressor. The lift springs can be found right here,

If you have any questions then please ask.

The only way is up!

Fitting Go westy 2wd lift springs. from on Vimeo.

Rocky Mountain Westy products coming to the UK and Europe through CVC

Got some exiting news here at CVC HQ. We have hooked up with Rocky Mountain Westy and designed a brand new wheel carrier and carry tray system for the UK and European market. They have the same well made and designed look of the existing RMW set up only the catches locate so you can use a UK or European registration plate. We have a pallet all packed and ready to leave Colorado full of the new swing away systems, as well as the sexy Twin Peaks metal bumpers and the very nice under seat slide out lockers.

We will be taking orders on any Rocky Mountain Westy engine conversion stuff people want on our next pallet in the near future so we can hook the UK and Europe up with the quality equipment that you deserve exclusively through


VW T25 T3 Syncro Doka for sale *DEPOSIT TAKEN*

1990 Left hand drive VW T3/T25/Vanagon double cab Syncro (DOKA) , 1.6 Turbo Diesel 14”


The owner says, 

“It’s with a heavy heart that the decision to sell this syncro  has been made, I use it as my daily driver but on occasions my wife has to use it as well, this just isn’t a vehicle for my wife to use regularly, so we have bought a new defender. When I started to look for a Syncro Doka I wanted something original that hadn’t been messed around with, I looked far and wide until I found this little gem, owned from new by a farmer in the arctic circle!! Its been very well looked after and serviced by the supplying dealer all its life with all the service stamps and original books to show! The Doka starts and drives absolutely faultless, in fact I encourage any potential buyer to go and test drive some other I have had many many VW’s including T3’s and this is by very far the best I have driven. I bought this Syncro with the intention of keeping it for a long time, absolutely nothing has been done half heartedly everything I have had done or bought for this truck has been nothing short of the best available.”

The truck was first registered on the 14th of December 1990, its running its original 1.6td JX engine, its got full service history by the supplying dealer until 2009 when it was taken off the road due to clutch failure. The condition of the syncro I would describe as genuine and original, its got its fair share of bumps and grinds but its 25 years old and all original, to me I would rather see this than a restoration hiding all sorts, the under side of the truck is absolutely solid, no corrosion etc just the original paint and remains of some under seal, its got nothing to hide. The locker is spotless inside, the interior is spotless without any damage to the trims etc, rear bed is boarded to the drop downs from new, and chequer plated over the bed, again no corrosion at all.


EVERY SINGLE new part that’s gone into this is less than 1 year old and have seen nothing more than 500 miles.

  • Brand new mefro wheels
  • Brand new BF Goodrich MT tyres
  • Brand new Go Westly 2” lift springs from
  • Brand new Fox upgraded shocks from
  • Brand new roof rack
  • Original vindic rear canopy
  • Brand new upgraded washer jets
  • Brand new dash top/tidy
  • Brand new digital compass/mph GPS speeedo
  • Factory fitted rear cab space heater Wabasto coolant heater
  • Genuine VW matching front Tri star seats (with arm rests, all in as new condition)
  • Brand new Ring spotlights (not wired in yet)
  • Original dealer option giant Bosch yellow spots (very rare item!, not wired up yet)
  • Genuine Lucus yellow headlight protectors (period rare item)
  • factory fitted (from new) head light washers
  • Terrawagen 16” wheels arch kit from
  • New clutch
  • Brand new Alpine CD stereo with Bluetooth, full ipod control and new front speakers
  • Aux battery (100amp) controlled by an intelligent split charge system
  • Aux fuse board
  • Primary and secondary VDO voltage gauges
  • Brand new alarm with remote central locking (on front to doors)
  • Brand new custom built stainless steel exhaust
  • Original three point tow bar , standard uk ball, US ball and nato hitch selectable
  • Every single dash bulb has been upgraded to LED’s
  • Led rear work light
  • Ring rear aux/reversing lamp
  • Brand new heated mirrors
  • Original supplying dealers rear number plate surround!
  • All underbody protection and rock sliders are present and correct

Rear diff lock is fully functional and without fault

Viscous coupling is lovely and working exactly as its intended to.

When this syncro was imported into the UK it was overhauled mechanically to be sure that it was all good and ready for action. New oil filter, air filter, oil pump, oil change, cam belt kit, head gasket, glow plugs, thermostat, injectors, 2x oil pressure switch’s, fuel filter, water pump, thermostat, rocker cover gasket and im sure there was more, it doesn’t use a drop of water nor does it leak… not at all. The rear diff lock is fully functional and without fault and the viscous coupling is lovely and working exactly as its intended to.  I have spared no expense building this truck and if your looking you will see the thousands and thousands that have gone into this, it has a confirmed millage of 227688kms (141000 miles) from new, she drives absolutely amazing, starts first time evry time without fail, the gear box is faultless and the brakes are perfect, the interior seats, headlining and flooring are absolutely faultless. This old girl is as honest as they come, she has absolutely no chassis seam of arch corrosion or rust issues and has NEVER been welded or repaired ………nothing to hide and is ready to take you anywhere you want to go. This is the real deal go anywhere ready for anything syncro with only 1 previous owner to me, ready to get in and enjoy.

This vehicle is in Somerset UK and can be viewed with with a view to buy only. Please don’t take this the wrong way but please only make contact if you have the actual money available to make the purchase. NO, “I just need to sell my Bay window camper first”, No, PX for any other combinations of other vehicle, the vehicles of sale on the CVC vans for sale are for full payment buyers only.. As always this Doka can be shipped over seas if the buyer wants to arrange shipping.

Taking into consideration how hard it is to get a good base Doka in this condition these days and with all of the ultimate accessories taken care of, this Syncro can be yours for £13,000


VW Syncro Doka

Volksworld 2015 visited by

This is our local VW show that also happens to be the first show of the year. I headed down to the event with Dan who drives an epic 2wd Westy with a set of our Gowesty 2wd lift springs. You might recognise Dan’s van from when we fitted a roof canvas to it last year. We hooked up with Dans hung over mate Matt and had a good walk around before hitting the bar!

A big thanks to everyone who came over to say Hi, it was good to chat. I don’t I will ever get used to being approached by strangers who are just so enthusiastic about what we do at CVC and are so kind about what they say. You guys are great and I have to admit CVC would be nothing without you all.

Thank you.

Volksworld 2015 from from on Vimeo. At The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show

This is a video log that was made while we were working at the ExCel in London’s Docklands. Campervan Culture LTD is the main UK and European supplier for Trasharoo (look here) so we set up shop next to AdventureoverlandUK LTD. The event itself was pretty impressive it has to be said but just before we set to work and the public arrived we had a chance to be shown around a couple of the epic overland trucks on show from and

CVC subscriber and Blissmobil rep Merten Dieren gave us a full tour of the truck they had on show while AdventureOverlandUK director Darren Oliver showed us round their new Landcruiser camper, the only one in the UK! At The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show from on Vimeo.

Morocco Overland Episode 8 – The long journey home

It was time for us to part company with Alan and Harriet as they had no commitments so could hang around Morocco for a little while longer. Jed and Louise had to get Isaac back to school for February, if he wasn’t back by the 1st they would give away his place so pressure was creeping in to head north. The long journey home was still eventful and involved rescuing a young French couple that had been stuck down a long piste (dirt track) for three days with no means of getting out. This once again flagged up another situation where people heading off the main roads with no tow strap or shackles got into trouble. As always at CVC we recommend carrying a basic or fully comprehensive tow kit like the ones on our web shop. Since leaving the Souss Massa national park back in part 7 we had hit a pretty disappointing run of beaches but things soon changed for the better. With Morocco in the rear view mirror and that box firmly ticked a trip to Gibraltar was on the cards, what a hoot.
An amazing drive north across Spain with amazing sunshine followed before we hit France and our old enemy, the flood…..

This is the final instalment of the Morrocco overland series and we have had a total blast making it. We would like to thank everyone involved that made this series what it was. Remember you can watch all parts from 1-8 anytime you like on the trips section.

Morocco Overland Episode 8 – The long journey home from on Vimeo.